Zach and Tori Roloff Admitted They’ve Thought About Leaving ‘Little People, Big World’

It’s hard to believe we’ve been watching the Roloff family for 14 years, and a ton has changed since the very beginning of Little People, Big World. It all began with little couple Matt and Amy Roloff as they shared what daily life looks like for them, their four kids, and their family business, Roloff Farms. Now, we know Matt and Amy are divorced, and only one of their children — Zach — remains a staple on the show.

Zach has an ultra-compelling story, as he’s the only other person in his family with dwarfism aside from his parents, and fans love seeing his relationship with Tori, who’s of average height. We can’t imagine the series without the couple, but they recently said they’ve thought about leaving the show behind.

Zach and Tori Roloff shared some of their future plans during a recent interview

On the current season of Little People, Big World, fans have become ultra-invested in what Zach and Tori are up to with their adorable son, Jackson. Currently, the couple’s hyper-focused on moving and staying out of Amy and Matt’s drama regarding what to do with Roloff Farms. And during a recent interview with Us Weekly, they offered some insight into what they’re thinking about doing in the future.

It seems having more children is majorly on the brain. Zach revealed that he and Tori have plans for more kids in the near future. “We want a family. I would love four or five kids. I want a little pack. Right now, we’re just kind of [like], if it happens, it happens,” he said. And Zach and Tori’s relationship seems stronger than ever even with the addition of a toddler in their lives. They mentioned they love spending time together in the presence of baby Jackson and still make times for regular date nights to keep the romance alive.

Zach stated they’ve thought about leaving the show before

Fans can’t imagine Little People, Big World without Zach and Tori, especially since over the years, Zach’s twin Jeremy, Jacob, and Molly have all ditched the show in pursuit of other life ventures. But it seems the couple has considered the possibility of leaving, especially as they think about expanding their family and raising Jackson.

“There’s definitely moments when I wonder, ‘hey, maybe we should move on, this has been a really good thing, but you know, maybe it’s just time to try something new,'” Zach admitted during the Us Weekly interview. At the same time, he mentioned that he thinks he and Tori have a great love story that the fans are excited about, and he’d hate to take that off air. “And I think for us, too, the show, it’s fun to share our story with people and I think, for the most part, we’ve always had a really good experience with it and we love who we work with,” Tori added.

Will Zach and Tori leave anytime soon? Probably not

So, with Jackson learning to walk, babies on the brain, and a new home to settle into, will Zach and Tori step away from the cameras to take care of family matters privately? We don’t think so. “All of it just kind of works right now,” Tori added during the interview. “For us there’s never really been a reason, I guess to step away.” Tori did mention that it’s crossed her mind that she’s putting Jackson on TV as a toddler, which isn’t something he can consent to — but even so, he seems to love the attention and the crew.

It seems like we can expect Zach and Tori on TV for years to come, but will any of the other Roloffs who’ve abandoned the show return? It’s doubtful. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are doing quite well on their own with the release of their new book, A Love Letter Life, and Molly lives in Washington with her husband. Jacob Roloff, who’s publicly condemned the show for turning his family into “caricatures,” is also likely to never return as well. It looks like Zach and Tori will have to keep us entertained going forward.

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