Zach Braff Pulled At ‘Scrubs’ Fans’ Heartstrings With This Simple Tweet

When actors are so synonymous with a single role, their fans immediately draw connections to those characters, even when it’s just on Twitter. That’s exactly what Zach Braff was going for with this innocuous RT, which will make fans of Scrubs lose their minds. Read on to learn more.

Zach Braff starred in ‘Scrubs’ for nine seasons

Cast of Scrubs
Cast of Scrubs | Bob D’Amico/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Remember Scrubs? Of course you do, but here’s a refresher anyway. Braff played J.D., who begins the series as an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital alongside his best friend and roommate, Turk. The series follows them and others at the hospital as they mature in their careers and personal lives.

Scrubs aired on NBC for the first seven seasons. It then switched to ABC for its eighth an, supposedly, final season. However, a ninth season was ordered, with Braff and other main characters cutting back their roles and the subtitle “Med School” added to the name. The series was canceled shortly after in May 2010.

He and co-star Donald Faison are BFFs in real life

The series is known for many things: Kicking off the career of Braff and many others on the show, adding a comedic feel to a medical program that hasn’t been seen before or since — but really, what everyone loved about it was the friendship between J.D. and Turk.

And, as it turns out, that bond is there too for the actors who portrayed those characters. Braff and his co-star, Donald Faison, are close in real life, frequently sharing images of one another and spending time together nearly a decade after filming for Scrubs came to an end.

Braff’s tweet didn’t even need an explanation

Because fans are aware that Braff and Faison are tight, the former needed no further explanation when he shared the above video of two toddlers, meant to represent he and Faison, running toward one another and embracing on the street.

Braff added the simple text: “This is how we met.” And fans knew immediately who he was referring to. The video goes on to show the two children playing together.

Is Braff the godfather of Faison’s children?

Speaking of kids, Faison is the father of quite a few of them. Six, to be exact. Of those kids, four are in their late teens/early 20s. But his youngest two, with current wife CaCee Cobb, are still little: There’s Rocco, six, and Wilder, four (as seen above).

It appears that Braff, who has no children of his own, makes a point of spending time with his friend’s kids. In fact, he is even their godfather, as indicated by the caption to Faison’s Instagram post above.

Here’s what Braff and Faison are doing these days

Since Scrubs ended, Faison has continued to act, appearing in movies like Kick-Ass 2 and Little Evil. He also starred in the sitcom, The Exes. Faison returns to network TV this month with his mystery drama Emergence on ABC.

Braff, meanwhile, has continued to throw himself into his directing along with acting. He starred in the short-lived comedy Alex, Inc. last year, and he directed a number of episodes. Braff recently completed a film, The Comeback Trail, opposite Robert De Niro. He is also directing a “top secret project” with Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence right now.

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