Zach Galifianakis Interviews President Obama for Funny or Die

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Those familiar with Zach Galifianakis’s Funny or Die show, Between Two Ferns, may be surprised to hear that President Barack Obama chose to make an appearance on it. After all, the show is known for its rather rude style of interview — when Justin Bieber came on the show, Galifianakis whipped him with his belt, and when James Franco was a guest, he made some rather rude suggestions about Franco’s penis. The president’s interview with Galifianakis is, unsurprisingly, a bit more vanilla. But that doesn’t mean it’s not hilarious. The deadpan, awkward back-and-forth toes the line with just the right degree of fake hostility, with Obama getting in perhaps just a few more zings than Galifianakis, which is probably a constitutional requirement for this kind of interview.

Obama once again proves that he has a sense of humor, as we saw earlier this month with his speech on developing technology, when he announced that the United States is building Iron Man: “Not really. Maybe? It’s classified.”

The reason for his appearance on this particular show is clear, as Galifianakis asked, “OK, let’s get this out of the way, what’d you come here to plug?” The answer, it is made abundantly clear, is to remind viewers about the healthcare enrollment deadline on March 31. Still, it’s far more enjoyable to hear Obama’s political message with it being punctuated by Galifianakis saying, “Is this what they mean by droonnnees?” and “Why would you get the guy that created the Zune to make your website?” referring to the failed Microsoft media player.