Why Zendaya Is More Excited About ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Than You Are

Summer 2019 will be known for a plethora of things; but in terms of television, it will remember as the Summer when Euphoria exploded onto the scene. Headlined by the 23-year-old triple threat, Zendaya, Euphoria explores the lives of teens who are grappling with adult themes like sex, love, grief, and addiction. It instantly became one of HBO’s newest hits and was renewed for season 2 before the first season even finished airing. But despite the fact that the season finale aired just two months ago, fans are already demanding Euphoria season 2.

Zendaya talks Euphoria season 2
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Though fans are plenty eager, Zendaya’s own excitement about Euphoria season 2 seems to surpass them. In a recent interview with Elle, the actress, who plays the drug-addicted Rue, confessed that she is constantly brainstorming ideas for the upcoming season with Sam Levison, who is the show’s writer and showrunner. “I harass him daily,” the actress joked. It’s no surprise that Zendaya has input on the upcoming season of Euphoria. In fact, quite a few of her ideas helped contribute to the show’s existing storyline.

Why Zendaya feels connected to her character, Rue

Truthfully, some of Rue’s storyline is a direct result of things that Zendaya is in the process of experiencing herself. Though the actress admits that she has no history with drugs or addiction, she and her character find common ground over their struggles with anxiety. “I never want to mess up. I’m trying to be the best version of myself without overapplying pressure. Then I start spiraling, Rue is just a combination of my sh*t and Sam’s sh*t, and together we created her. I don’t feel too dissimilar from Rue. It didn’t feel fake to me; it felt like she was me in another version of my life,” the Euphoria actress shared.

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The Euphoria star gets candid about anxiety

Anxiety is something that Zendaya has gotten very candid about in the past year especially. While she loved filming Euphoria, her anxiety mounted each week when new episodes were releasing. “Even though Euphoria coming out was amazing and exciting, it was also extremely stressful. It gave me a lot of anxiety every week. That’s something I deal with; I have anxiety. I already know after this interview is over, I’m going to spiral about it for weeks,” the 23-year-old confessed.

A deeply vulnerable experience

The singer went on to explain that sharing something that’s she spent so much time creating was a deeply vulnerable experience for her. Because she spent months filming the show and even longer for preparation, it was challenging for her to release it out into the world. “Euphoria was eight months of my life, and now that it’s done I’m like, ‘Fu*k’. You put your sh*t out there, and it’s a really terrifying thing to do. It’s out for the world to see—it’s so fu*king weird,” Zendaya shared.

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Euphoria season 2

But despite the fact that Zendaya experienced bouts of anxiety caused by the show’s release, she is still incredibly enthusiastic about Euphoria season 2. Hopefully, the sophomore season will deliver as much emotion and beautiful cinematography as the first season. We can’t wait to see what Zendaya and the cast and crew of the fantastic show have in store for us next.