Zendaya & Hunter Schafer Did the Sweetest Thing for a ‘Euphoria’ Fan

When Zendaya announced that she’d be headlining the new hit show, Euphoria, fans of the former Disney darling couldn’t have predicted just how impactful the show would be. Grappling with difficult themes such as addiction, gender identity, sexual orientation, and domestic abuse, the show has become a painful yet necessary conversation starter for people of all ages. In addition to that, Euphoria has amassed an incredible fan base and garnered so much support that it was renewed for season 2 before the first season even finished airing. Recently, Zendaya ran into one of Euphoria‘s biggest fans and decided to surprise her in the sweetest way.

Zendaya and Hunter Schafer at the Euphoria world premiere
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 04: Zendaya and Hunter Schafer attend HBO’s Zendaya and Hunter Schafer | Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

Recently, a fan approached Zendaya while she was dining out in a restaurant. Expressing her love for Euphoria, she shared with the actress that the show was particularly meaningful for her because of her trans identity. The fan shared that she herself was a trans girl and she expressed that she never had the opportunity to meet someone who also identified as trans. Being able to see Hunter Schafer, who plays Jules on Euphoria and is also a trans woman, was especially meaningful because it was her first time seeing herself represented on screen.

Zendaya introduces Euphoria fan to Hunter Schafer

After hearing the fan’s story, Zendaya took it upon herself to call up her Euphoria co-star, Schafer, on FaceTime and introduce her to the fan. After virtually meeting Schafer, the fan was filled to the brim with emotion and began crying. “I have to be dreaming like someone has to wake me up, this can’t be real,” she declares to Schafer. “I’m so happy to meet you,” Schafer tells the fan. While the fan is crying, Zendaya goes out of her way to hug her and then declares “I’m glad you came up to me.”

A sweet photo op

Following the introduction, Zendaya allowed the fan to hold her phone while she takes a picture of her with Schafer. “How cute,” the 23-year-old said, snapping the picture. After the pictures were over, Zendaya retrieved her cell phone before giving the fan yet another hug. “Nice to meet you. You have all of our love,” she added before walking away. The entire interaction shows just how impactful Euphoria and Schafer’s involvement have been for millions of fans. Though the season finale aired in August, fans are already chomping at the bit for season 2. But just what can we expect from the sophomore season of the show?

Schafer talks Euphoria Season 2

Though there’s very limited information about the plot of Euphoria Season 2 or even when filming will begin, Schafer certainly has ideas for what she wants to see happen to her character. “I think I want to continue to see Jules work on herself in that she’s still got some major issues, and to continue to dissect that and feel it out. I think she learns from experiencing things. And so to experience what she needs to, without being messy, that’s from the sort of loving parent/sister relationship I feel like I have with her. That’s what I want for her, although who knows how it will play out. I’m sure it will be more messy than I would hope for her,” Schafer shared in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. Only time will tell if Schafer gets her wish. But, in the interim, she can take pride in the substantial impact she’s having on her fans.