‘Zoolander 2′: What We Know So Far

Soon, audiences will be graced once again with the really, ridiculously good-looking Derek Zoolander — a model, idiot — and the first teaser trailer for the much-anticipated sequel recently hit the Internet. The trailer is definitely chuckle worthy, although it’s particularly uninformative about the release date, stars, or general content of the film. Here are some of the funniest moments form the teaser along with everything we know so far about the sequel (it’s so hot right now).

The first thing you’re probably wondering about is who’s in this damn thing? The answer: everybody! Not only will Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson, Christine Taylor, Ben Stiller, and Billy Zane all be returning, but the supporting cast looks like its filled to the brim with uber-famous celebrity cameos. This time around, Zoolander and friends will be joined by the likes of Kristen Wiig, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Olivia Munn, Penelope Cruz, and Justin Beiber. Here’s hoping Hansel destroys Beiber in a walk-off!

Like I said, the teaser didn’t do much by way of revealing anything about the movie; in fact, it mostly just used jokes from the first movie to try to remind you that Zoolander was a thing that used to make you laugh. To its credit, I had forgotten, and it did successfully remind me. The joke of the teaser is that a Stephen Hawking-esque narrator is talking about the miracle of the human mind over a CGI exploration of Zoolander’s brain, which is unsurprisingly filled with nonsense.

Source: Paramount Pictures / YouTube

Source: Paramount Pictures / YouTube

Oh, right… “Eugoogly.” Heheh… I remember that joke.  That’s still funny. I guess I used to really like this movie…


Source: Paramount Pictures / YouTube

It took me a second to pick up on the meaning of this, until I remembered that Zoolander can’t make left turns. Like Celine Dion before me, it’s all coming back to me now.

Once the teaser is done trying to evoke fond memories of old jokes, it jumps to a seemingly improvised back and forth between the narrator and Derek himself, the latter of which has a hard time with the alleged title, 2oolander.

200 lander

Source: Paramount Pictures / YouTube

“But I don’t spell my name with a 2…?”

This prompts faux-Stephen Hawking to change the title to something a little more straightforward: Zoolander II. Unfortunately, Roman Numerals are even more confusing for the mentally challenged Derek.

not italian

Source: Paramount Pictures / YouTube

“But I’m not Italian…”

More than the CGI brain-sploration and Stephen Hawking gimmick, seeing Ben Stiller once again as the absurdly stupid character fills me with a mix of excitement and nostalgia. It’s been so long since Stiller was actually funny (in fact, Zoolander might have been his last truly funny film…) but fifteen seconds of screen time was enough to fill me with hope that Zoolander II might not be a total atrocity.

At this point, very little is confirmed about the plot, so only time will tell on that front, but it’s not like the plot was the most important part of the first movie anyway. Like the first movie, Ben Stiller wrote the script, and the fact that the entire original cast is returning for more is a good sign. Based on what little we have to go on, I’ll say that the movie looks like it could be good, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it really, ridiculously good-looking. I’ll reserve my judgment until another trailer hits the Web or I actually see the movie when it premieres in February of 2016.

Watch the entire trailer below!

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