The Top 8 Stocks Investors are Shorting Like Crazy

#8: United States Steel (NYSE:X)

#8: United States Steel (<a target=

Image: United States Steel Corp.

Total Short Interest:31,255,810 shares Percentage of Float: 21.8%

Company: Commodity prices have been a major headwind for U.S. Steel, which finally turned a profit this third quarter. Nonetheless, Goldman recently downgraded the firm to a sell.

Source: Bloomberg


#7: SUPERVALU (<a target=

Image: Supervalu

Total Short Interest:47,084,824 shares Percentage of Float: 22.5%

Company: Short interest remains high as the company’s debt-to-equity levels are staggeringly higher than its peers.

Source: Bloomberg

#6: AK Steel Holding Corp. (NYSE:AKS)

#6: AK Steel Holding Corp. (<a target=

Image: AP Photo

Total Short Interest:23,769,185 shares Percentage of Float: 22.8%

Company: The company’s massive debt position has burdened the firm, which did not release guidance along with its most recent earnings announcement — a sign Wall Street frowns upon.

Source: Bloomberg

#5: J.C. Penney Co. (NYSE:JCP)

#5: J.C. Penney Co. (<a target=

Image: Flickr/Dov Harrington

Total Short Interest:33,848,008 shares Percentage of Float: 25.2%

Company: J.C. Penney is embarking on an ambitious turn around plan with Apple’s former head of retail at the helm. Investors are slowly pulling back short activity.

Source: Bloomberg

#4: GameStop Corp. (NYSE:GME)

#4: GameStop Corp. (<a target=

Image: Flickr

Total Short Interest:37,770,006 shares Percentage of Float: 27.6%

Company: The company remains a takeover target and has traded on that news.

Source: Bloomberg

#3: AutoNation Inc. (NYSE:AN)

#3: AutoNation Inc. (<a target=

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Total Short Interest:12,240,344 shares Percentage of Float: 32.1%

Company: A bevy of downgrades has left this auto seller with heavy short interest. Just this September Bank of America downgraded the company.

Source: Bloomberg

#2: Sears Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:SHLD)

#2: Sears Holdings Corp. (<a target=

Image: By robinsonsmay on flickr

Total Short Interest:12,009,362 shares Percentage of Float: 32.4%

Company: Sears has struggled under its debt load, K-Mart acquisition and poor product mix. The company is hoping a resilient consumer will help boost it.

Source: Bloomberg

#1: First Solar Inc. (NASDAQ:FSLR)

#1: First Solar Inc. (<a target=

Total Short Interest:20,335,825 shares Percentage of Float: 34.2%

Company: After Solyndra’s downfall, investors have been increasingly skeptical of clean tech firms. First Solar has faced difficulty securing some government loans, which have increased costs.

Source: Bloomberg


Article courtesy of Business Insider.

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