Traders Are Shorting These S&P Stocks The Most

Bespoke Invest blog has the list of stocks in the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA:SPY) with at least 25% of their shares sold short.  Interestingly, in a ‘flattish’ market for 2011, these named have declined on average by a quarter of their value.   Only 5 are positive for the year. Of course, that is not to infer investors made all those gains – many people (hand raised) like to jump on weak stocks.  Usually a body in motion, remains in motion.

Speaking of bears, Bespoke also reports that the AAII bear reading is at the lowest levels since January. Remarkable considering the events in Europe – I guess moral hazard is now built in every fiber of our souls. “They’ll come to the rescue – they always do”

Trader Mark is the author of Fund My Mutual Fund.

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