1 Item Styled 4 Ways: The Grey Crewneck Sweatshirt

Whether you’re on a budget or you’re the kind of guy who likes to wear the same thing almost every day, you’re probably not making the most of your wardrobe. Fortunately, learning how to utilize everything in your wardrobe is an easy skill to acquire. Hear us out: It’s time to start investing in good quality clothing, which you don’t have to blow your budget to do. For example, if you purchase a high-quality suit, it can be a piece that will last you for years and can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of buying something new — quality shoes, shirts, and pants have the unique characteristic of actually looking better with the passage of time, if they’re properly taken care of, says Real Men Real Style. A good investment piece means you’ll pay a little bit more now but reap the rewards for a long time.

So, what exactly makes a piece of clothing interchangeable? It must fit you perfectly, and it should be able to be used to create numerous outfits that look refined and sharp with little to no effort. Consider this the most well known, but not often followed fashion secret: When you have an interchangeable wardrobe, each piece (or almost every piece) will complement the majority of other pieces in your wardrobe. Once you’ve mastered this, consider yourself having reached the apex of style, the sartorial equivalent of having your life figured out and in place. It’s incredibly satisfying to not have to worry about piecing together an outfit that matches when practically everything in your closet can be combined expertly with something else.

Consider this a minimalist approach. To help you get the hang of it, we’ve picked out one quality piece of clothing that you can wear four different ways.

Our pick: The Claridge Sweatshirt by Burberry Brit in Pale Grey Melange

Source: Bloomingdale’s

It might look like just another crewneck sweatshirt, but that’s not the case. Not only is it in an easily match-able grey, but it’s a classic versatile sweatshirt design that can easily be dressed up or down. We guarantee you’ll love every one of these outfits.

1. The lazy Sunday


Source: Banana Republic

It’s easy to wear this piece on it’s own with your favorite pair of dark wash jeans or golden brown color chinos, with your choice of sneakers or boots. Wear a shirt underneath for added warmth.

Pair it with:

2. The classic work outfit


Source: H&M

Spice up your work attire by switching out your knit crewneck, which you would normally wear over your dress shirt, for the grey sweatshirt. Both are equally sophisticated but this athletic tweak makes your outfit much more interesting.

Pair it with:

3. The upscale gym look


Source: H&M

Wearing the Burberry Brit Grey Sweatshirt for its original purpose is a definite yes, and this outfit adds a touch of class to any workout outfit you wear to the gym. There’s no reason to shove style aside simply because you’re going to break a sweat.

Pair it with:

4. Rugged layers for winter


Source: Nordstrom

This sweatshirt is also a fantastic layering piece for the cold. Although it’s fitted, a thinner wool or thermal under-layer can be worn underneath. Throw on a down vest with a knit beanie and scarf, and you’re good to go.

Pair it with:

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