10 of the Worst Style Trends for Fall

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A new season brings new shopping opportunities, as well as a seasonal switch in your closet. While switching to your fall and winter clothes, if you happen to come across these 10 items, toss them, I repeat, toss them immediately. Here are the 10 worst style trends for fall, because you’re a stylish guy who shouldn’t wear anything but the best, no matter the season.

1. Square or pointy toed shoes

Whether for work or casual wear, any sort of square or pointy toed shoe is not flattering and looks very strange.

2. Socks and sandals

Although usually worn with Adidas slides (which were in for summer), this is not your best option when it comes to transition wear. Unless you just took your cleats off, there is no reason to ever rock white socks with sports sandals — this is strictly for the locker room. Put the sandals away and get your socks into a real pair of shoes.

3. Fleece half-zips

Men still wear this style even though it’s reminiscent of something you wore in high school or college. If you don’t have the heart to toss it, limit its wear to cold winter months, in the privacy of your house.

4. Chunky grandma knit scarves

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A few years ago rock god and eternal cool guy Lenny Kravtiz wore a ginormous knitted scarf that swallowed him whole. He has since been unable to live it down. Go for a regular scarf, not one that looks like you’re being held captive by an anaconda.

5. Oversized sweaters

A sweater should be fitted but not too fitted to the point where you can see the toned definition in your arms. You should never wear what looks like to be a Snuggy equivalent out in public.

6. Bubble jackets and vests

Simply put: They make you look like the Michelin Man, and that’s never a good thing. There is no need to ever wear this; there are plenty of other jacket and vest options out there for you to wear, rather than this outdated style.

7. Timberland boots

Although they are considered a fall/winter staple, (and yes, they are practical), they’re almost too rough and tough looking. Not only that, they’re slightly outdated. Why not try something different for a change?

8. Girl’s jeans

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Yes, always to slim jeans. They’re incredibly flattering on many a man, but don’t mistake slim jeans for your girlfriend’s skinny jeans. You’re not Russell Brand and not only that, they look incredibly uncomfortable and went out of style years ago.

9. Sleeveless hoodies

This is an incredibly confusing item that defeats the entire purpose of the hoodie to begin with. This is also not an acceptable summer-to-fall transition piece, so don’t even try it.

10. Drop crotch anything

This is a style I still see on the streets of New York City on guys. What started out in women’s collections, soon started popping up on some men who were/are really into high fashion. They make your butt look droopy and are just not attractive. In the garbage, my friend.

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