11 Urban Bike Accessories Every Rider Needs


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If you’re a guy who likes to hit the pavement in style, you’re probably accustomed to a certain level of sophistication when it comes to accessorizing your sleek townie or comfy cruiser. When it comes to pimping your ride, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite urban bike must-have’s.

1. Jammypack Cyclavia

The Cyclavia is the original Jammypack — reimagined. Never heard of a Jammypack? The ultimate music accessory for festivarians, beach-goers, skiers, and general party-loving folks, the innovative company has revolutionized the portable speaker phenomenon with the reimagined fanny pack, adding speakers to the accessory that’s seen a comeback over the past several years. With a battery as its power source, the bike bag mounts to your handle bars, pointing back at you for maximum musical enjoyment.

2. LifeProof Bike + Bar Mount

The Bike + Bar Mount is an absolute essential. If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly searching for the best spot for your phone before getting on your bike. Well, search no more. LifeProof delivers the perfect solution to a problem many bike-lovers face: where to put your phone and keep it safe, while still having access to it. Whether you depend on your phone for music while you ride, or you’re waiting on an important text from a friend — and by “important,” we mean which bar to meet at — the Bike + Bar Mount is just what you’ve been looking for.

3. Cannondale Quick Rear Rack

The Cannondale Quick Rear Rack with Carry More System easily converts your bike from cruiser to carrier, allowing you to transport belongings without the headache of worrying where to put your essentials. Once the rack is attached, you can put bags and baskets atop it for safe and easy transport.

4. Light & Motion Urban Bike Light

Source: Light & Motion

Source: Light & Motion

Famous for their industry-leading light products, Light & Motion’s Urban Bike Lights allows you to properly see obstacles when cruising in the dark — and it helps drivers to see you. Their line of sleek lights are the ultimate in visibility and safety, equipped with an easy USB cable charging system and a tool-free mount that allows you to attach them to most any bar quickly and easily.

5. Cycliq Fly6 Rear-Facing Bike Cam

If you’re an around-town cruiser or big-city rider, the Cycliq Fly6 is key. A combination bike taillight and always-on, rear-facing HD safety camera, the Fly6 records in real-time what happens behind the rider. You can liken it to a seatbelt for bicycles — there is no reason not to have one, and its benefits are huge. The majority of U.S. states have at least some sort of safe-cycling laws, such as a three-foot law, but it’s critical for each biker to take measures to protect themselves in the unfortunate circumstances of a car-bike accident.

6. Sound Blaster FRee Bluetooth Speaker

Offering Bluetooth compatibility, the Sound Blaster FRee delivers premium volume wherever you choose to ride. Besides the obvious draw of this high-end product, this compact speaker fits directly into the water bottle holder right on your bike, delivering 360 degrees of sound when raised upright, for all your friends to enjoy once you’ve reached the park or beach party.

7. Pure Fix Wooden City Crate

Pure Fix’s Wooden City Crate is the ultimate add-on to any fixie or single speed. The minimalist yet sophisticated design will add not only modern detail to your ride, but also make the perfect home for cruising around town with groceries or a bottle of wine.

8. Bike Beer Carrier by United by Blue

Source: United by Blue

The Bike Beer Carrier is an accessory every beer-lovin’ man should have. Throw in your favorite six-pack, strap it over the top tube of your bike, and secure for a safe ride. Whether heading to a friend’s party, dinner at your favorite BYOB restaurant, or just home from the liquor store, this is a must-have. Additionally, for every United by Blue item sold, the company pledges to remove one pound of trash from our oceans and waterways — add this to a lifetime warranty, and every rider should feel good about purchasing a United by Blue product.

9. Princeton Tec Swerve Taillight

The Swerve taillight by Princeton Tec keeps you illuminated so safe travel is possible — especially visible to people and cars behind you. As the days grow shorter, it’s important to reassess your lighting situation when it comes to your pedal-powered ride.

10. Buca Boot

Because nothing beats the convenience of riding your bike to get around the city, the Buca Boot storage box not only boasts a sleek, smart design, but it’s also ideal for keeping your valuables safe. What if it rains? What if you get cold? What if you’re going to dinner after work and don’t want to carry a work bag? The Buca Boot is the answer; it’s the first bike-mounted storage system that combines the flexibility of an open bike basket with the storage security of a car trunk. It holds everything from a pair of shoes to a laptop. It keeps your things dry in the rain and safe when you walk away.

11. Healthy Back Bag by AmeriBag

Unless you’re riding an upright beach cruiser, most of us are typically hunched forward when cruising around on fixies. While messenger bags can be stylish and convenient, there’s a new bag in town that not only fits your essentials, but also has your back in mind. The Healthy Back Bag is just that — its unique shape contours to the curve of your spine, rather than pulling away from your body, distributing weight across your back, rather than pulling on your neck and shoulders. Plenty of zippers and a sleek, compact design make it a go-to for cruising around town. 

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