12 Outdoor Essentials for the Man of Leisure

The outdoors is a sanctuary for many, especially active and adventurous men. But what about those trips you want to take with friends that are less about bagging peaks and more about relaxing in the comfort of your own natural paradise? Even the most pampered of men can enjoy their time in the outdoors when they’ve got some not-so-essential essentials. Ditch the idea that you have to rough it on your next adventure, and check out these products for your next car-camping trip.

1. Aromaflage


Source: Aromaflage

Bug spray 2.0, this is the ultimate insect repellant for the bougie guy. Aromaflage is the perfect glamping accessory that also solves the problem of pesky bugs. The botanical fragrance and insect repellent is filled with amazing essential oil notes like spicy cardamom, warm cedarwood, and snappy spruce. Aromaflage is cologne meets bug spray meets high class for the most discerning of bougie men.

2. Camouflage Stingray Wallet by Zink Collection

Definitely more of a ‘want’ than a ‘need,’ this wallet is just plain fancy. Sure, you probably don’t need to carry a ton of cash with you while out in the woods, but you’ll feel like a boss every time you flash that camouflage wallet. Necessary for the great outdoors? No, but it sure does transition nicely into your everyday routine back at home, as well!

3. LUX glass by JOCO

Lux Glass

Source: JOCO

Nothing says high class like sipping on the perfect tasting coffee or tea while enjoying the beautiful views. Coming soon, JOCO’s newest product, the LUX glass, is the perfect addition to your glassware collection. Crafted in collaboration with skilled baristas, the angled glass wall and curved internal design of the LUX glass allow for the perfect pour while the beautifully beveled exterior refracts light into the glass.

4. Stowaway Travel Pillow by L.L. Bean

The last thing you want is to have to use some budget pillow when you’re trying to sleep soundly. Lightweight and packable, the Stowaway Travel Pillow features water-repellent DownTek 650-fill down that maintains its loft, even in wet conditions. The pillow retains its shape and comfort with outstanding compressibility, so you’ll never have to worry about missing out on catching premium z’s in the great outdoors again.

5. All-Terrain Grill by Zippo

What’s a man’s camping trip without some great grillables? When it comes to guys who will settle for nothing but the best, a run-of-the-mill two burner camp stove just won’t cut it. Luckily, the Zippo All-Terrain Grill is meant to travel anywhere, especially off-road, and offers premium grilling perfection. Convenience features include an integrated tow handle, push-button ignition, utensil hooks and an anti-rattle transport system.

6. Tundra 45 by Yeti Coolers

Tundra 45

Source: Yeti Coolers

While many things on this list are not essentials, cold beer certainly is. Yeti Coolers is no stranger to offering outdoorsmen burly coolers to really get the party started and keep it going throughout the trip. Made with superior craftsmanship and the same materials as white water kayaks, this best in class cooler is infused with toughness to keep your food, drinks and ice cold for up to days at a time. You’ll be happy you went for the best, and the Tundra 45 promises to be just that – it’s even grizzly proof!

7. Mont Blanc Pack by LEXDRAY

With the Mont Blanc Pack, there’s no doubt you’ll be the most stylish dude at camp. Think high-end designer bag meets sensible, durable hiking pack. Easy-access compartments, water-repellant zippers and a dual entry design, are just a couple of the features that will impress your outdoorsy friends, while all the bells and whistles of the sophisticated design will ensure you’re the happiest camper of all. And as an added bragging right, this pack is produced in limited-edition runs, ensuring quality control and exclusivity.

8. LTR300-Premium Flexible Lighter by Bernzomatic

Who’s got time to fumble with matches when there’s relaxing to be done? This Premium Flexible Lighter by Bernzomatic is the perfect solution for the guy who would rather spend his time lounging in his chair than trying to light a match in the wind. The refillable, windproof, Butane lighter has a flexible neck and an LED flashlight with a replaceable battery – the perfect all-in-one tool for lighting the campfire, grill, or stove – and it even has a convenient bottle opener!

9. Third Eye Headlamp


Source: Third Eye Headlamps

When it comes to heaving a headlamp at camp, it’s definitely an essential, so why not sport the most stylish of them all? Third Eye Headlamps offer stellar performance with an array of design options so you can really personalize your outdoor accessories. Not only do these lights look good, but they’re powerful, too. The high setting gives 168 lumens of light to 360 feet, and the low setting conserves energy and is perfect for up close work. The strobe setting lets other know where you are… or that you’re ready for a late-night dance party!

10. Tactical Credit Card Axe by SURVCO

Tactical Credit Card Axe by SURVCO is the ultimate in bougie survival tools. With its sleek design and 21 functions, this tool can be transformed into a tomahawk, ax, knife, scraper, shovel, arrow, saw, seatbelt-cutter, bottle opener, water valve wrench, gas valve wrench, flathead screw driver, and more. Hopefully you won’t need to use too many of its different functions, but you’ll sure look good using the knife to slice up the meat and cheese board.

11. Hamilton Travel Bar by Picnic Time

With the Hamilton Travel Bar, you won’t have to leave your craft cocktail skills at home. This super swanky, portable bar ensures even the most refined of campers can prepare and enjoy their favorite concoctions in luxurious style. The Travel Bar is a fully-equipped cocktail case, covered in ballistic nylon with leatherette accents and a black finish, enabling campers to bring the bar, and the party, along with them to their favorite camp spot.

12. Wilderness Recliner by GCI Outdoor

Everyone needs a good camp chair, so why not experience the most luxurious option out there? The Wilderness Recliner by GCI Outdoor is the lazy-boy of camp chairs. A low profile, sturdy frame, wooden side arms and, of course, the ability to recline to your heart’s delight, will keep a smile on your face and ensure you’re the most comfortable one at the campfire.

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