12 Outdoor Essentials for the Man of Leisure

9. Third Eye Headlamp


Source: Third Eye Headlamps

When it comes to heaving a headlamp at camp, it’s definitely an essential, so why not sport the most stylish of them all? Third Eye Headlamps offer stellar performance with an array of design options so you can really personalize your outdoor accessories. Not only do these lights look good, but they’re powerful, too. The high setting gives 168 lumens of light to 360 feet, and the low setting conserves energy and is perfect for up close work. The strobe setting lets other know where you are… or that you’re ready for a late-night dance party!

10. Tactical Credit Card Axe by SURVCO

Tactical Credit Card Axe by SURVCO is the ultimate in bougie survival tools. With its sleek design and 21 functions, this tool can be transformed into a tomahawk, ax, knife, scraper, shovel, arrow, saw, seatbelt-cutter, bottle opener, water valve wrench, gas valve wrench, flathead screw driver, and more. Hopefully you won’t need to use too many of its different functions, but you’ll sure look good using the knife to slice up the meat and cheese board.

11. Hamilton Travel Bar by Picnic Time

With the Hamilton Travel Bar, you won’t have to leave your craft cocktail skills at home. This super swanky, portable bar ensures even the most refined of campers can prepare and enjoy their favorite concoctions in luxurious style. The Travel Bar is a fully-equipped cocktail case, covered in ballistic nylon with leatherette accents and a black finish, enabling campers to bring the bar, and the party, along with them to their favorite camp spot.

12. Wilderness Recliner by GCI Outdoor

Everyone needs a good camp chair, so why not experience the most luxurious option out there? The Wilderness Recliner by GCI Outdoor is the lazy-boy of camp chairs. A low profile, sturdy frame, wooden side arms and, of course, the ability to recline to your heart’s delight, will keep a smile on your face and ensure you’re the most comfortable one at the campfire.

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