16 Instagrammers You Should Follow for Style Inspiration

If you’re anything like us, you use Instagram to keep up with what your friends are doing — but also find yourself opening the app when you’re bored, when you’ve run into a mental block, or when you need some inspiration. So why not leverage that Instagram addiction into a habit that can actually help you improve your style?

You may already follow a few stylish guys on Instagram. Maybe you catch yourself admiring the way that one guy pairs basics for a casual but perfectly-proportioned outfit or studying a snap to figure out exactly how another one looks so natural and cool in a sport coat. Lucky for you, there’s a lot more where that came from.

Read on to discover 16 menswear personalities that you should follow on Instagram for style inspiration. Their professions range from stylist to designer to model to photographer, and cover many things in between (and beyond). Their styles range from traditional to contemporary, and minimal to extravagant. But the one thing they all have in common is that their Instagram accounts offer great motivation to shake you out of your style rut and learn something new about the many facets of menswear and men’s style. With a few taps of the follow button, you’ll be on your way to better style in no time.

1. Jason Andrew

Jason Andrew

Source: Jason Andrew via Instagram

Despite what you might assume based on his impeccable taste and style, Jason Andrew doesn’t work in fashion. (He’s actually a speech pathologist.) Andrew’s is an excellent account to follow if you want some inspiration on how to wear a hat, since his outfits are rarely complete without them. The ensembles he’s photographed in range from casual to formal, and almost any guy can learn something about modern menswear by watching the way Andrew has fun with it.

2. Moti Ankari

Moti Ankari

Source: Moti Ankari via Instagram

Moti Ankari is the blogger behind the style blog The Metro Man (and the associate market editor at Bloomberg Pursuits), and just like his primary blog, his Instagram account is also worth a follow. His posts range from casual snapshots on the streets of New York to images highlighting suiting and formalwear to shots showcasing the activities and accoutrements of the jetset lifestyle.

3. Mitchell Belk

Mitchell Belk

Source: Mitchell Belk via Instagram

Stylist Mitchell Belk is an excellent source of style inspiration if you like tailored suiting and outerwear as much as you like a white tee with a pair of jeans, love glimpses of highly editorial shoots as much as the occasional selfie, and appreciate shots from runway shows as much as glimpses into Belk’s adventures with friends. He’s an excellent follow for guys who favor muted colors and want some inspiration on how to cultivate a natural and classic approach to style.

4. F.E. Castleberry

F.E. Castleberry

Source: F.E. Castleberry via Instagram

F.E. Castleberry is a financier turned wedding photographer turned lifestyle photographer and fashion personality. His tagline, “The better you dress, the worse you can behave,” is evident in his very-stylized Instagram feed, which is populated with photos of his ensembles and adventures, images showcasing his very preppy sensibilities, and even the occasional short video that, if you didn’t know better, you could assume was out of a Wes Anderson film. Castleberry is worth a follow just for the fun of it, or to get some inspiration on how to remix preppy classics with aplomb.

5. Dany Dos Santos

Danny Dos Santos

Source: Dany Dos Santos via Instagram

Dany Dos Santos is the co-founder of fashion label Drôle de Monsieur, the blogger behind Alkarus, and has an Instagram feed well worth following. Expect impeccable detail shots of clothing, images that look more like abstract art than iPhone shots, and photos of Dos Santos’s unique take on modern, casual, and almost minimal menswear.

6. Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher

Source: Adam Gallagher via Instagram

Adam Gallagher is a blogger focused on both menswear and lifestyle topics, and he curates a feed that’s equal parts documentation of his travels worldwide, photos showcasing his casual but tailored style (a sweet spot few guys can really claim to have found), and the shots of delicious foods that Instagram at large has lately become so enamored of.

7. Phil Green

Phil Green

Source: Phil Green via Instagram

Phil Green is a menswear and personal shopping specialist at Farfetch. His Instagram account is great for guys who want a new perspective on how to wear a sport coat, which appears to be Green’s personal uniform. Mixed in with the images of blazers worn with tees, blazers accessorized with ties and pocket squares, double-breasted blazers, and blazers in a wide variety of colors and patterns, are images of life in Glasgow and London, plus photos taken in various cities around the world.

8. Karl-Edwin Guerre

Karl-Edwin Guerre

Source: Karl-Edwin Guerre via Instagram

Karl-Edwin Guerre is a hospital administrator by day, and moonlights as a (well-renowned) street style photographer. You shouldn’t miss his work if you’re inspired, as Guerre is, by the individual details that well-dressed men incorporate into their outfits. As showcased by the work he shares on Instagram, Guerre has a penchant for style that goes beyond the usual approach to street style shots. Not only does his style of shooting differ from many other photographers’, but his style of dressing does, as well. Guerre is always impeccably dressed himself — often in a full suit — as he photographs runway shows and the people coming and going from them.

9. Sean Hotchkiss

Sean Hotchkiss

Source: Sean Hotchkiss via Instagram

Sean Hotchkiss is a Brooklyn-based writer and creative consultant. (His portfolio is impressive, and he’s worked with brands like Barneys, J. Crew, Harry’s, Club Monaco, and GANT. He writes for GQ, Esquire, Man of the World, Bloomberg Pursuits, and Cereal Magazine.) His Instagram feed includes the occasional snapshot of clothing or casual ensembles, plus his signature wide angle shots of interesting settings and buildings.

10. Johannes Huebl

Johannes Huebl

Source: Johannes Huebl via Instagram

Johannes Huebl is a model who’s constantly photographed in interesting outfits, ranging from cool and casual to preppy formal and covering all of the ground in between. His account is worth a follow if you need some inspiration on how to look nonchalant in everything from an oxford cloth shirt to a full suit (and don’t mind the occasional photo of Huebl’s wife, Olivia Palermo).

11. Jimmy Launay

Jimmy Launay

Source: Jimmy Launay via Instagram

Jimmy Launay is a London-based model whose Instagram account is a must-follow for guys looking for cues on casual style, or a version of the fashion magazine favorite “model-off-duty” look for men. Snapshots of Launay’s daily life reveal a penchant for white tees, leather jackets, cigarettes, and statement-making hair.

12. Frank Muytjens

Frank Muytjens

Source: Frank Muytjens via Instagram

Frank Muytjens is J. Crew’s head menswear designer, and a formidable personality on Instagram and on other #menswear circles on the Internet. Follow Muytjens for shots of J. Crew’s best menswear, images of models and menswear designers, lifestyle shots featuring gorgeous settings, and occasional portraits of Muytjens himself in his most noteworthy ensembles.

13. Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Source: Jonathan Daniel Pryce via Instagram

Jonathan Daniel Pryce is a London-based photographer who shares editorial shots and street style photos of a wide range of stylish guys on Instagram. Follow along to spot familiar faces (or to get a who’s-who of personalities in menswear), be inspired by exciting settings around the world, or occasionally get a look behind-the-scenes at a photo shoot from the photographer’s point of view.

14. Angel Ramos

Angel Ramos

Source: Angel Ramos via Instagram

Angel Ramos is a luxury real estate agent turned stylist and is now the fashion director of a bespoke clothing brand. Ramos’s impeccable style and eye for detail are evident in his frequent snapshots of bespoke suiting, sport coats, and overcoats. He’s a great personality to follow if you need some inspiration on stepping up your suiting game — whether or not you can afford a bespoke suit.

15. Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman

Source: Scott Schuman via Instagram

Scott Schuman gained notoriety as one of the first iconic street style photographers, and he continues to photograph stylish men and women on the street, as well as models and attendees at menswear and womenswear shows. His blog, The Sartorialist, originally gained a following because Schuman displayed a unique talent for photographing ordinary people and showcasing something eye-catching, idiosyncratic, or unique about their clothing.

16. Nick Wooster

Nick Wooster

Source: Nick Wooster via Instagram

Nick Wooster is a street-style icon and has worked with brands including Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Nieman Marcus, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein. Wooster’s Instagram, where he describes himself as a “Free Agent,” is a great account to follow for general style inspiration, including shots of magazine features, images of style events and runway shows, plus occasional photos of Wooster’s outfits (and his iconic hair).

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