3 Essential Tips for Choosing New Ski Apparel

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Packing the obvious items for hitting the slopes is easy to remember. However, what if you want to hit the slopes in style? Of course you don’t want to sacrifice style for warmth and vice versa. Clearly worn out pieces are a no-no, so ditching pieces from previous seasons is a must if they look beaten up. The question is what to replace discarded pieces with? Below are few functional and fashionable items you should consider packing for your next ski trip.

1. Bring the right hat

Sticking to hats that actually cover your ears will keep your head warm, and you can avoid fumbling with ear muffs. If you are looking for a traditional fit, lean toward a hat in a unique pattern or waffle print for a unique take on this staple. Pom Pom knit hats are all the rage this season; again, make sure you are not putting fashion first. Picking a Pom Pom hat made from a thick enough fabric will allow you to spend extra time on the slopes without the frost bite. If you like the feel of a baseball cap but seek the warmth of winter knit look for outdoor apparel that embodies both. The Carhartt Men’s Marshfield Charcoal Hat is designed with a baseball hat influence but provides extra warmth with its fleece lining. A winter face hat made of fleece definitely serves more as a functional piece. Keeping this handy is a good idea when it’s sub-zero weather.

2. Quality matters

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In order to stay on the slopes all day, you want to find a coat that is waterproof and breathable with a standard hard shell. Having extra zippers are great for adjusting ventilation. Looking for sleeves that may include sewn-in stretch cuffs with thumb holes is ideal for keeping snow out of your sleeves during your hustle and bustle on the slopes. The pants are just as important as the jacket. Lean toward pants with two layers of performance fabric like Gore-Tex to keep you dry. Ventilation incorporated in the pockets of the pants is important for keeping cool, and pockets are also useful for stashing your belongings. Make sure the design of the pants is unrestricted in the knees for optimal movement during your outdoor session.

3. Pack stylish base layers

Plaid, plaid, plaid! You can’t go wrong with this pattern. There are everyday button-downs that you should definitely pack for checking out the ski town or a night out for drinks. However, there are specific plaid shirts with insulation to keep you extra warm and looking sharp at the same time. The insulation in these shirts is so top notch you can wear them alone on warmer days. A tight fit, long sleeve insulated shirt is ideal especially if your plaid shirt itself is not performance wear. Make sure it’s breathable and odor resistant while holding in the heat even if you are sweating. For bottoms, sticking to long tights instead of the normal long johns is the way to go. Try to invest in tights with built in compression; this will not only help with your athletic performance, but it will also help with the recuperation post workout.

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