3 Fashionable Outfits You Can Get at Neiman Marcus


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Neiman Marcus is a renowned luxury retailer that offers the finest in fashion and quality products, including brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Tom Ford, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Dolce & Gabbana. Although it competes with other luxury retailers such as Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, and Barney’s New York, this century-old retailer holds its own among the high-fashion set. Neiman Marcus is part of a larger luxury retailer group – The Neiman Marcus Group – which offers an assortment of apparel, accessories, jewelry, beauty, and decorative home products. Besides owning its namesake, the company owns high-fashion retail store Bergdorf Goodman, home decor retailer Horchow, discounted goods site Last Call, and young fashion-forward women’s luxury site mythersea.

We’ve put together three fashion-forward outfits that you can only get at Neiman Marcus. We guarantee you’ll love these stylish looks.

1. Adjustable chic


Source: Neiman Marcus

There’s nothing quite like a winter wool-blend coat that not only functions as is, but is adjustable; you can add and remove an extra layer of warmth. Burberry Brit’s LyndsonWool-Blend Coat with Removable Gilet in this military inspired color and style is paired perfectly with a tonal grey and black casual ensemble finished off with a navy Gucci leather high-top sneakers for an interesting addition of subtle color – because you can absolutely wear black with navy.

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2. The ultimate in business wear


Source: Neiman Marcus

Why wear a neutral color suit when you can wear a blazer in a popping blue silk by Brioni? Make your workwear exciting again by bumping up your blazer a few notches in this classic two-button front blazer. Pair it with a toned-down blue trouser and a colorful yet complementary gingham dress shirt. Wear this and look like you take your job very seriously – a promotion is in order.

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3. A stylish way to brave the bitter winds and frost


Source: Neiman Marcus

This GQ-approved parka in a bold, yet less overpowering shade of red by Canada Goose, is the best and most stylish way to insulate yourself from the brutal winter cold. Although you can pair this jacket with practically any outfit, it looks great with Burberry Brit sweats and an interesting Rottweiler face-detail on a basic grey crew neck sweatshirt, finished off with a pair of Prada leather sock boots.

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