3 New Ways to Wear Your Blazer

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The blazer is a classic for a reason: It’s flattering, versatile, and a key high-low piece. However, the versatility lies in the style and color you choose. Although you may want to consider a blazer outside the typical neutral color palette, be it a burgundy color, a subtle pinstripe or chalk stripe pattern, or a texturized wool or tweed blazer, opt for one that is less ornate to increase its adaptability to any outfit. It’s easier to polish and dress up a simple blazer, rather than one that is too busy looking. Your best bet is a navy blazer that is toned down enough for work, yet can be accessorized to turn the shade into a more exciting piece. A two-button fitted jacket with patch pockets can work for almost any occasion.

Although you may think it’s the blazer that’s the star, the real standout is what outfit you pair it with that changes the personality of it completely. Here are three outfit choices that will breathe new life into your blazer.

1. The simple switch-out

Think of this outfit as one that involves easily swapping your top layers around. The t-shirt/blazer combo “is that perfect sweet spot of high and low,” said Shimon Ovadia, who designs menswear brand Ovadia & Sons, to the Wall Street Journal.

The white t-shirt, dark jeans, and trainers combo is ideal to wear with a variety of jackets or overcoats. It can be easily worn with a moto leather or bomber jacket, but topping it off with a blazer instantly makes the outfit look fresher. There are a few simple rules you have to follow for this look: Brian Trunzo, co-owner of New York men’s retailer Carson Street Clothiers, told the Wall Street Journal that he recommends solid-colored T-shirts from labels such as Lemaire and Tomorrowland. You’ve been formally warned: Graphic tees are a no-no. “You can’t wear a t-shirt that looks like something you went to bed in,” says Trunzo. “You’re breaking the rules already. Don’t go making a mockery of it.”

Make sure your tee is not too bulky, and lengthwise, it should end before your blazer (do not tuck your shirt in), as it can ruin the silhouette of your jacket. Also, make sure your jeans are fitted and your sneakers are kept to a neutral, minimalist style; try a pair of white Adidas trainers.

2. The modified Mark Zuckerberg

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Since a blazer is less formal that a suit jacket, it’s much easier to dress it up or down, meaning it plays well with streetwear. For this t-shirt, hoodie, chinos, and boots combo, stick to a neutral palette because it’s easier to blend neutrals then brights when you’re meshing together different styles like casual and formal wear. As with this look, fit is key. Since your blazer is fitted, that means that your hoodie (dip-up is a better option), shirt, and chinos need to match. Make sure to leave both the jacket and hoodie open, and opt for boots over trainers to balance out the high and low of the look.

3. The weekend uniform

To nail the weekender look, you need to lose any kind of office ornamentation. It’s important to keep this look as casual as possible. A pair of brown chinos or grey fitted cargos with a crew neck sweatshirt, a washed oxford shirt, and a pair of white, crafted leather trainers will do just fine. Echoing the sweatshirt’s sporty vibe with a pair of sneakers keeps the outfit casual, but if you opt for a pair of brogues, which is yet another viable option, it kicks your outfit up a notch. This works well as a casual Friday look. It’s a much newer and fresher look to rock.

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