Going Out Tonight? 3 Styles That Are Trending Right Now

Heading out for a night of partying, a date, or really any event where personal style can be expressed means it’s time to pull out all the stops and look like a badass. When you’re going out for the evening, the spotlight is on you: It’s time to stand out (in a good way) and groom and dress yourself like a boss. Depending on how you’re feeling that night or what you have available in your closet (but do feel free to go out and buy some of these things), here are three looks to rock, and grooming tips to boot, so you can perfect a style that screams confidence.

The Casual Motorcyclist/Fighter

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Are you more of a man’s man? Do you find that you usually stand out amongst boys? This is a great look to capitalize on. The casual motorcyclist/fighter look is not your flashy, life of the party type of guy and his style clearly shows that. This guy knows that his masculinity is magnetizing and women can’t help but glance over at him. He’s undeniably sexy and his style is effortless.

Although the outfit is subtle, when you are noticed, you’re going to stand out. This outfit also happens to be incredibly flattering on most men.

Wear this: The essential rugged (black or brown) leather jacket by Rogue, paired with either a white or black t-shirt or casual long sleeve shirt from American Apparel, relaxed fit and slim worn jeans from American Eagle, and a pair of grey, black, or brown lace-up Frye boots.

Feel free to accessorize with a silver ring, leather bracelet, or wooden beads. Also consider a silver watch and a belt, black or brown, with a silver buckle to match.

Grooming tips: Wear your hair in a more natural style, adding just a little product, and embrace your 5 o’clock shadow.

Sophisticated, Cool, Sexy

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For the man who is more mysterious by nature, try the sophisticated, cool, sexy look. Women cannot quite figure you out and that is precisely your allure. This look is versatile, but may be better reserved for a less casual night out. Effortless and simple, you’ll come across as dominant and intense.

Consider this the Christian Grey look. You look impeccable but there is a lot of mystery behind those eyes. And we love that, very much.

Wear this: Straight leg black chinos from Nordstrom, a tucked in black skinny button down with rolled up sleeves by ASOS, and wingtip shoes, by Cole Haan.

Feel free to accessorize with a silver watch or a leather banded simple watch.

Grooming Tips: Hair should be a little slicked back and refined, but not too much. It’s up to you as to whether you would prefer clean shaven or a little facial growth. Both go well with this look.

The Artist/Hipster

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This is for the Johnny Depp and/or Williamsburg hipster wannabe in you. Do you love whiskey? Hell yeah you do, because you’re a badass and whiskey is the best drink ever. Deep down you know you’re the creative type; you’re philosophical, and women know they can talk to you for hours. This look shows that you’re both understanding and passionate — two qualities that will have women falling at your feet. You are a walking piece of artwork — at least that’s what you want everyone to think.

Wear this: Slim destroyed skinny jeans by Express, with either a casual chambray button down by American Apparel or flannel by H&M — wear with sleeves rolled up and tucked into jeans, (optional) a vest by Jeremiah, with a pair of chukka boots by Cole Haan.

Feel free to accessorize with black beaded bracelets and/or leather band bracelets.

Grooming Tips: Facial hair, as well as longer, free flowing hair is encouraged.

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