4 Great Curly Hair Styles for Men

a curly haired man

A man with curly hair | Source: iStock

Many of us covet the type of hair we don’t have: If we have straight hair we want curly, and if we have curly we’ll take anything but. It’s time to embrace those curly locks you’ve been blessed with. Think about it this way: You’re lucky to have a hair texture that will never flatten and never not shape your face. Consider yourself lucky and make the best of your locks by trying out one of these 4 very flattering styles on your fantastic crown of curls.

Styling tips to know before hand:

Before you make your way to the barber’s chair, consider the following tips. Anthony Nader of RAW Salon Sydney explains to D’Marge how to properly embrace those curls and maximize the texture you have for this season’s hottest styles.

  • If you happen to have very thick curls and every day styling is a little overwhelming for you, ask your barber or stylist to razor out some pieces throughout the hair, which will allow for more manageability while thinning it out slightly to open you to more styling possibilities.
  • If you find that your curly hair is on the drier and frizzier side, as so often curly hair can be, make sure you’re continuously using a moisturizing conditioner, as well as a leave-in for added hydration like Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream.
  • Steer clear of dry matte products that will not only make your hair over-the-top thicker, but will also make your curls less defined.
  • Lastly, when you’re getting your hair cut, ask your stylist or barber to point cut the ends to give your curls more of a softness to them, rather than a straight line cut, which can give an undesirable boxy and hard edged appearance.

1. The Rebel With a Cause James Dean style

Though James Dean’s most famous work is Rebel Without a Cause, this hair style gives you all the reason in the world to be rebellious. This is an easy motorcycle and leather inspired look to rock. It has both style and body that works great for when you’re on and off duty. In other words, it’s office approved, and perfect for wavy to curly hair, and medium to thick body. Tell your barber to keep the sides of your hair at a medium length between one to two inches, with the top longer. The top of your hair should be long enough to slick back. Men’s Fitness recommends thinking about the style in this respect: The “top to side ratio should be 2:1 and blended.”

2. The Jim Morrison style

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison’s curly ‘do | Source: HBO

Keeping with that rocker vibe, is the mid-to-late sixties Jim Morrison/Game of Thrones style longer hair. Kevin Alexander, the official hair designer for Game of Thrones, spoke to Esquire on how to achieve this famed modern rock god look. The first step is getting to your barber, stat. “My number one piece of advice? Get a proper haircut — that makes a big difference. Tell the barber you want the baseline cut to the shoulder, and to leave the layers long. The top can’t be too short, because without enough weight, you’ll get a rounded poodle look,” says Alexander. Once you’ve left the barber’s chair, the real styling fun starts.

To fully achieve that rocker/Jon Snow hair, Alexander advises that when your hair is dry, spray it with a little bit of water to activate your curls. Afterwards, you’re going to mix a putty and wax of your choosing together and divide your hair into sections. Starting from the nape of your neck, apply your hybrid product by scrunching it into your hair. Be careful not to drag or push your hair back with the product in your hand because it can pull out your precious curls and ruin the style. Also, “[a]dd some extra product to the root in the front. That adds a little kick, and gives the hair some lift off the face,” adds Alexander. Finish off the style by checking to see if the balance in your hair is right: If you see any curl clumping, break them up by “twisting the curls into each other.” Be sure to get your ends trimmed every six to eight weeks to retain the shape of your style.

3. The most requested hair cut in America

a well-groomed man

A man’s hair style | Source: iStock

Named 2015’s “Most Requested Hair Cut in America,” is a cut that looks especially good on thick curly hair because it holds the style well. This incredibly versatile and professional style is one that’s longer at the crown and fades into a shorter clipper cut around the side and back of the head, almost like an abbreviated pompadour.

Here’s what to ask your barber for: Ask him or her to scissor-cut the top of your head leaving about an inch and a half, also adding texture to your ends with a razor. As for the side and back of your head, ask him or her to use a clipper to shorten the length to about a quarter inch or a little shorter depending upon how you like it.

4. The keeping it au naturale style

Just in time for summer, is the Au Naturale or bed-head surfer style that we all know and love. It’s young and playful, but unfortunately not ideal for corporate America, so steer clear of it if you spend most of your days in a conservative business suit. This style is much more meticulous to get down pat than it’s carefree style conveys. Once you hair is at least two inches on the sides and about three on the top, it’s time to visit your barber. Once you have that length, ask them to add a little texture to create some movement. Finish off your style with hair gel when you hair is wet or towel dried, just make sure to go easy on the gel and not overdo it.

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