4 Grooming Items That Are Worth Their Price

Aren’t drugstores amazing? We mean, where else can you pick up beer, conditioner, and your prescription in one swoop? Plus, they’re virtually everywhere, and you always are gifted a bounty of coupons. But as easy as it is to to pick up all your grooming needs in one place — your daily essentials and those special winter weather-fighting additions alike — there are some products that are worth avoiding the drugstore for and  spending a little more on. Here, we break down the products that are actually worth spending a few more dollars.

1. Hand cream

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Grooming-wise, there are some unfortunate traits that guys are just born with: a receding hairline, bad skin, excess facial hair. So why not actively combat the traits you can actually prevent, like weathered hands? Aging is natural, but a guy shouldn’t have the face of a 20-something and the hands of an old geaser. And lo, you buy hand cream. While that drugstore-purchased bottle is cheap, you’ve noticed that your hands are left feeling sticky instead of smooth. Sure, there are great budget options; however, many pricier alternatives will leave your skin baby-soft.

“[Look] for ingredients that boost collagen in the skin such as phyto-peptides,” says David Pirrotta, founder of his eponymous brand management firm and part-owner and curator of the Drugstore and Liberty Fairs. “Over time, the collagen production slows down in the skin, which opens the door for wrinkles and age spots.” Pirrotta recommends this pick from Grown Alchemist, which is packed with phyto-peptides and claims to smooth fine lines and eliminate any signs of sun damage. Plus, the almond and sage scent will have you actually looking forward to each application.

2. A razor


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There’s a reason barbershops are still around: They have an air of luxury, plus their tools provide a fair closer shave than your disposable ones. But since hitting up a barbershop every week can get pricey, treat yourself to a luxurious razor. Unless you’re either big foot or celebrating Movember year-round, chances are that you shave at least four times a week. So even though you may face some initial sticker shock, especially when thinking about the aisle of wallet-friendly Schicks, Gillettes, and generic brands, it’s actually one of the very few products you use frequently. The key to finding a fancy one that won’t cut up your face is investing in a safety razor, which has a metal guard to lower the risk of cutting your face. With a vintage-inspired look, this three-piece pick from Dr. Harris is equal parts pretty and practical.

3. Mineral sunscreen


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We hate to be the bearer of bad news — especially since we know that you stock up on aersol sunscreen bottles whenever you’re at the drugstore and it’s over 60 degrees — but those popular sunscreen brands are actually not doing many favors for your skin and the environment. Yes, they protect your surface from harmful UVA and UVB rays; however, BeautyEditor reports that those chemical iterations can irritate your skin and even be linked to allergies, hormone disruption, and cell damage. Mineral sunscreen, on the other hand? It’s not absorbed into your skin, and doesn’t clog your pores as much those chemical alternatives. And, when it comes to your skin, the splurge is definitely worth it. This mineral sunscreen from Coola is water resistant for up to 80 minutes, hypoallergenic, and packed with both omega-3 and organic oils. But for those who are particularly partial to that summery scent, fear not: This one boasts a delicious “citrus mimosa” fragrance.

4. Eye cream


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They say that eyes are the windows to one’s soul, so who wants their proverbial window looking dry and wrinkly? “Eyes are one of the first things that people look at when you meet them, so taking proper care of delicate skin around the eyes is imperative,” says Pirrotta. Similar to hand cream, crinkly lids are avoidable an definitely worth spending a couple extra bucks on.  When looking for that game-changing eye cream, Pirrotta recommends finding a concoction that features high-quality oils and swears by Grown Alchemist’s Intensive Hydra-Repair Eye Balm. “The hydration it delivers is one of the best I’ve seen in an eye cream in a long time,” he says. Safe enough for the most tender, sensitive skin, the balm promises to moisturize your lids while minimizing any fine lines or wrinkles.

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