4 Hot Hair Styles for Men With Long Hair

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Are you looking for a new ‘do for your long hair? Celebrity hair stylist Mark Bustos,\ says that one of the benefits of having free-flowing locks is to embrace the unkempt look. In a video for Details, Bustos explains how to prep your long locks before styling. He explains that long hair tends to be flatter on the top and bell out on the bottom so it’s important to build volume on the top. Make sure your hair is dried naturally. First he suggests using Shu Uemura Essence Absolute Camellia Oil on dry hair, using only a drop of it, and scrunch it throughout your hair, making sure you don’t run your fingers too much throughout.

This product helps to keep your hair nourished and moisturized throughout the day. Next, to really add volume to the top of your head, use Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray. Take sections from the top of your head hold them up and spray the product, holding it a foot away from the root. It helps to keep the hair balanced all around. Bustos adds that if you must or feel the need to still tie back, comb it back with your fingers and not with an actual comb. You’ve been forewarned.

Here are 4 style options for your longer ‘do. Don’t worry, we didn’t include the man bun.

1. The rocker style

This is the most logical alternative to the man-bun without layering or getting your hair shaped differently. GQ suggests following in the footsteps of Harry Styles of One Direction, channeling countless rockers before him and accent your grunge-length hair with a wide brim hat (also think Johnny Depp). This look ideally works with shoulder length locks if your hair is straight or a little wavy.

2. The outdoorsy style, aka the lumberjack

Follow in the steps of Kit Harrington with your hair cut well above your shoulders. Here’s the style kicker — grow out your beard a little. GQ refers to this style as a good beard-to-hair ratio which can be difficult to pull off, but fear not: It can be done. Also, make sure to tuck your hair behind your ears and add a little product to keep your face from being overwhelmingly hairy.

3. The side sweep

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Seen on the likes of Jason Schwartzman is the always intriguing and instantly volumizing side sweep or part. Ideal for a creative guy who has straight or wavy hair, it works well if it’s cut shoulder length and tucked behind your ears and not loaded up with too much product. It’s an easy and quick style to master.

4. The banker-esque slick back