4 Men Who Inspired Us to Wear a Beanie

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

We love beanies and we think the men who wear them are some of the coolest dudes out there. Sure beanies are the most humble of head gear, but we will say this one thing: Those knit toppers have never steered us wrong, especially now since we’re entering into the height of beanie season. Beanie’s are very easy to pair with almost anything: a T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants or even a suit for the office. The classic beanie can be worn dressed up or down, and choosing one in a bold color can actually create a pretty cool, standout outfit to help inject a little life into your winter wardrobe. Previously known as a Monmouth cap, FashionBeans calls the beanie one of the most popular, marketable silhouettes that is comfortable and easy to wear year-round.

There are so many high to low end options for the classic beanie — from slouchy styles to ribbed versions in alpaca, wool, and synthetic fabrics, even those with little fur balls on the top. We’ve never met a beanie we didn’t like, and if you’re ever in doubt as to whether you should throw one on or opt for different headgear, look to these four celebs for some beanie inspiration.

1. Rocky Balboa


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OK, so he’s technically not a real person, but he’s one of our favorite on-screen characters who continues to live on, thanks to Sylvester Stallone’s consistent resurgence of the character in almost every boxing movie that has come out in the past 20 years. We’re exaggerating a little, but there’s no denying that the Rocky character made the beanie look athletic and stylish. Not to mention that he was also years ahead of his time, rocking the athleisure look before it became trendy.

2. Johnny Depp

Known for his animated and odd-ball acting chops, Depp has a standout style that can best be described as rocker-meets-boho-artist-meets-extreme-tattoo-enthusiast. Depp is a dedicated beanie connoisseur who is known for wearing slouchy versions of the beanie with longer flowing locks. TheFashionTag goes as far to call him a beanie trendsetter.

3. Zac Brown

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Zac Brown of Zac Brown Band encourages us to wear it for it’s original purpose: to keep warm. TasteofCountry.com spoke with Brown about why he is always seen wearing a beanie, and he gave the site a very simple response for why he wears one all the time: “I can’t stand having cold air blowing in my ears, so when it’s cold at my house or if I am outside, I am going to have my ears covered up,” says Brown. Above all else though, he says “I’ve been wearing it forever and it’s my personal choice,” he adds. “It’s just what I like to wear. If I wear something, it’s because I want to, not because I give a s—- about what anyone thinks about it.” Our thoughts exactly, Zac.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal

This versatile actor let’s us know that we too can feel like a celeb if we wear our beanie the right way — with sunglasses — to emulate his incognito look. The beanie-plus-sunglasses combo is effortlessly cool and is a perfect winter pairing; not only are you keeping your dome warm and cozy, but you’re protecting your eyes against the harsh, biting winter winds.

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