4 of Fall’s Trickiest Trends (and How to Pull Them Off)

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It’s a fact of fashion that some styles are trickier to pull off than others. Some require a precise outfit to make it work, which doesn’t lend itself to versatility, while others don’t align with your personal style. Some styles have tricky silhouettes and don’t flatter a variety of body types, and some are just outrageous altogether. This fall season brings with it newer takes on some old styles, along with trends that align with what’s hot in womenswear. Here are some of fall’s trickiest trends and how you can pull them off.

1. The oversized coat

GQ touts the oversized coat as one of the trickiest trends to pull of this fall/winter season. Longer, oversized coats are more difficult to style than shorter coats; you run the risk of looking like John Cusack in Say Anything. Extra points to the gentlemen who opt for this season’s hottest go-to color for coats: camel. Camel is the new neutral that can be matched with practically anything. However, when wearing this style, even though it’s “oversized,” it should still look like it fits.

For instance, the seams should still align with the end of your shoulders and the sleeves should sit just below your wrist. GQ suggests that when wearing this style, you should be conscious of your fabric choice. If you plan to wear your coat to the office, try one in a sportier fabric; if you’re wearing a more casual outfit, opt for a wool or cashmere coat. The contrast is what makes this jacket work so well.

Try and steer clear of black, as the color might give off too much of a goth/punk attitude. If you find that the coat may be too much for you, try balancing out the look with a beanie.

2. The large scarf (that doubles as an outer layer)

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Almost three years ago, Lenny Kravitz rocked a larger-than-life scarf that almost devoured his frame. He must have been ahead of his time, because large wrap scarves are now on-trend for men — just not as large as the one he rocked. The oversized scarf trend is no longer restricted to just womenswear. The fall/winter large scarf doesn’t just function as a scarf, but also as an added layer for stylish warmth. The Streettrotter blog called these elaborate wrap-ups “extra-large shawls,” which add character to formal and informal silhouettes.

These draped, large scarves have also been seen with added hoods, extra pockets, and fringes. They are best worn hanging freely off the shoulder in different patterns and textures, and they look great over fitted jackets and coats, as long as the colors complement each other.

Taking the large scarf trend slightly further is the poncho. The Huffington Post noted this style — which is extremely popular this fall in boho-chic womenswear — was also seen on the men’s runway, in the collections of Burberry and 3.1 Phillip Lim; though this style may be best left to those who are ultra stylish and adventurous. It’s yet another fantastic outer layer that gives you extra warmth as well.

3. The slouchy sweater

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The Huffington Post notes that the ’80s slouchy sweater has returned with a modern update, calling it one of the “10 Fall Fashion Must-Haves for Men.” Designer Christie Carmelle Lopez, who writes for the Huffington Post, suggests that in order to avoid the “Cosby look,” try wearing spacious chunky knits in monochromatic tones, with details such as front “glove pockets” and oversized buttons. Try wearing the slouchy sweater trend with a pair of slim-fitted jeans or fitted chinos to offset the bigger look of the sweater, and throw on an overcoat to complete the look. 

4. Cuffed pants with boots

The cuffed pant is here to stay. This trend qualifies as tricky because most men can’t seem to master the carefree nature of it. It’s currently one of the hottest womenswear styles, and since we’re officially in boots season, you’re going to want to master the roll, so you can show off your nice leather boots. Keep the cuffed look to your jeans and chinos, and simply style as you normally would. Cuffing adds just a little bit of added flair to your outfit.

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