4 of the Best Men’s Boutiques

Have you ever walked into a room and seen two other guys wearing the same exact outfit you are? Does this happen often? Are you looking to buy truly unique but wearable clothes? Then stop shopping where everyone else does and check out these four amazing boutiques. From stylish signature lines to creatively curated collections, these four stores have the kind of clothes you simply won’t find at most local malls. To get the full experience, it is highly recommended you visit these boutiques in person, but if that is not possible, you can always shop online.

1. Sid Mashburn

Sid Mashburn men's boutique

Sid Mashburn | Source: Sid Mashburn

Sid Mashburn designs clothing in a way to make every man stylish. The boutique doesn’t sell anything that you won’t find at other stores, but it has just found a way to do it better than anyone else. From interesting colors to better cuts, Mashburn always puts a new and improved spin on classic menswear. The line runs the gamut from footwear to suits. After you check out this boutique, you might not want to shop anywhere else ever again. In addition to its flagship in Atlanta, Sid Mashburn has stores in Houston and Washington, D.C. There are so many great things to buy, you might have trouble choosing, but luckily the boutique knows this and offers appointments for the most personalized service available.

2. Gant

If you are a J.Crew or Banana Republic kind of guy and you are looking for a nice upgrade, you must check out Gant. This brand has been around since 1949 and was one of the most popular shirt manufacturers in the 1960s. While Gant is sold at a variety of stores both in America and internationally, the brand has its own boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Haven, Boston, and several other cities. Gant is still known for its quality shirts, but the sweaters are also noteworthy. The style is classic, with a slightly European flair. You can pretty much buy anything from Gant, and it will look good for years to come. Another really great thing about the brand is the price point. This boutique offers high quality at a fair price with very generous discounts.

3. Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony | Source: Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony is one of the most unique men’s boutiques in the world. It has a truly one-of-a-kind approach to merchandising. The name Opening Ceremony comes from the mission statement of the Olympic Games. Every year, the company chooses a different visiting country, and the store is transformed and inspired by designers and artists from that locale. Opening Ceremony is also known for its exclusive designer collaborations. While OC isn’t really the place to buy everyday clothes, unless you’re a DJ or work in nightlife, it does have some of the most wearable avant garde styles. The shoe selection is also always spot on. Opening Ceremony has locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.

4. Fred Segal

Fred Segal is the quintessential California boutique, filled with everything from shoes to shorts and sunglasses. A mini department store of sorts, it even sells home goods. With only four locations (West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Los Angeles International Airport, and Tokyo), an in-person experience might be out of reach for some. You can still shop for the clothes online, but if you visit Fred Segal’s website you won’t find much. That’s because Fred Segal consists of two main boutiques within the store: Ron Herman and Ron Robinson. You have to shop the two sites separately. If this sounds completely confusing to you, that’s because it is. If you’re wondering who these Rons are, both Herman and Robinson were Fred Segal’s two favorite protégés. When he passed away, Segal left his store to them.

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