4 of the Best Raincoats This Season

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With this season being a mild one (so far), preparing for damp weather seems to be more of a priority instead of snowy climate. With that being said, do you have the right raincoat for every occasion? Sure carrying an umbrella is always an option, but there are so many fashionable options when it comes to staying dry during wet weather. Below are a few coat options that will not only keep you soaked free, but stylish too!

1. Traditional trench

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There is a refined appeal that comes with this coat, it’s especially ideal for the working professional in order to complete a business casual look. This style of raincoat is considered a classic essential especially if you opt for the traditional khaki color like the Burberry London short double breasted trench. If you are looking for the same classic feel but want to weave in a bit more of your personality have fun with different colors. Trenches now come in various colors and patterns, but still designed with same well-know details including the belt. If you are looking to get more wear out of your coat seek a trench with a removable lining so that it can be worn on cold and warmer months.

2. Windbreaker

Are you the active type? A windbreaker might be the way to go! Whether it’s going for a hike or an outdoor run, there is a windbreaker for every occasion. Sticking to an option that is not overly sporty will allow you to get more wear out of the jacket and will not limit your options to just outdoor activities. It’s important that your style selections are waterproof and breathable especially if this will be your go to jacket for working out. Most of these jackets tend to be a bit thin, providing little warmth so make sure you have adequate base layers when outdoors in the winter months.

3. Hooded parkas

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If you are looking for something more casual a hooded parka is a good idea. They typically hit mid-thigh keeping you protected from the damp weather the RAINS Waterproof Parka in black will go with just about everything. Make sure that you have selected a parka that is water-resistant and lightweight. Getting one with a removable hood will allow you to get more wear out of the coat. Because these coats can easily be rolled up and packed it’s an excellent option when traveling you never know when you may face unexpected showers.

4. The modern trench coat

Modern trench coat designs are typically in the traditional trench coat length with a bit of edge. If you have always wanted to rock a trench, but you were never a fan of some the mundane designs a modern trench is an excellent option. For scoring an updated look, keep an eye out for a trench that may include a hood, reversible design, or asymmetrical layers. Another popular detail is metallic fabrics. If this trend is too fashion forward for you, experiment with darker metallics like copper instead of gold. By sticking to a traditional design the modern influences make these coats extra stylish!

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