4 Pieces to Try for Spring

We’re so over the freezing temperatures, snowflakes, and blizzards that winter brings. It’s time to start looking ahead to warmer weather, and thankfully, retailers and designers are already featuring their spring collections in stores and online. We’ve picked out the best new items for the spring/summer ’16 season, based on their broad appeal and sartorial wearability. Trust us, you need to add these four items to your spring line-up now.

1. Suede jacket

suede jacket

Source: Nordstrom

The suede jacket can be worn with a wide variety of items. In addition, our favorite jackets for the season — moto, bombers, overshirts that function as jackets, western styles, and even blazers — can all be worn in a suede fabric. This means you don’t have to default to your leather jackets and your linen blazers, and sports jackets when you want to look smart when it gets warmer. Any one of these jackets look great in suede earthy tones like shades of brown, rustic red, evergreen, khaki, and shades of blue. Simply opt for a tailored fit in any of those styles, and look for a length that falls just below your waist.

Be sure before you wear your suede jacket outside to check the weather and pre-treat your jacket with a fabric protector; the elements can put your suede jacket at risk (especially those April showers).

2. Straight-leg chinos


Source: Nordstrom

Spring will be the season of the chino. While the style itself is nothing new, a straight-leg or tapered chino is sure to be your go-to for when you don’t want to wear your standard denim. In fact, we love chinos because they streamline your outfit while allowing for a more laid-back look — in other words, they’re ideal off-duty wear. The aforementioned straight-leg or tapered chinos are arguably the single most versatile weapon in your warmer-weather arsenal, and styling them is as easy as adding a crewneck tee or polo shirt/short-sleeved shirt and lightweight denim jacket.

Be sure to opt for ones that are of a lightweight cotton or cotton-linen blend, and keep to a neutral color choice like khaki, stone, grey, and navy to get the most wear for your buck. Finish them with a pair of white leather plimsolls, tassel loafers, or your favorite old-school new balance kicks.

3. Leather slip-on plimsolls

Plimsols Shoes

Source: Vans

We’ve mentioned these lovable kicks several times, because we love the easy-breezy air about them, as well as their versatility. We also can’t help but relive our skater days from our youth at the thought of slip-on sneakers. Minimal trainers remain a menswear fixture, and for that we’re truly grateful. These kicks can be worn practically anywhere, except for the office (unless it’s a fairly casual setting) and formal or religious occasions.

Be sure to stick to white, grey, black, or any shade in between, and be cautious about going sockless. Instead, spring for a pair of invisible socks to prevent any kind of weird foot odors. Those around you will thank you.

4. Field jacket

field jacket

Source: Nordstrom

To round our your spring collection, keep the military trend going and add a field jacket (also referred to as an M-65 jacket, a classic style) to your wardrobe. A smart yet masculine style, look for one in a cotton twill style in olive drab or stone, and if you want to combine two trends in one, steer more traditional in a suede field jacket, or get technical with a lightweight nylon version. While this jacket is all about utility, resist the urge to fill up your pockets. Pair the jacket with your tapered chinos, chambray denim button down shirt, and your leather plimsolls.

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