4 Things to Wear That Are Real Conversation Starters

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The holidays are filled with endless parties and family get-togethers. Both situations may give you a little anxiety, mostly because you’re going to have to chat up either some relative that you have no interest in speaking to or an unknown guest. It’s incredibly easy to land yourself in an awkward conversation that’s hard to get out of once you’ve stopped talking about the weather. These situations usually lead to long pauses, before you’re forced to end it by faking an incoming text or having to make an “emergency” call. Instead of succumbing to small talk, why not let your clothing or accessories do the talking for you? If anything, the person on the receiving end will never be able to forget you. Here are four items that will do all the talking for you.

1. Christmas/Chanukah Sweater

Tipsy Elves

Tipsy Elves

If you don’t take yourself too seriously and can’t resist a laugh whenever possible, why not wear an ugly Christmas or Chanukah sweater to your next party or gathering? It is an instant conversation starter — you may even end up being the life of the party. Or you may also find that people might even be afraid to talk to the guy wearing the weird sweater. Either way, you’re covered and happy about it. Try the Men’s Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater with Suspenders from Tipsy Elves or the Chanukah Light Up Menorah Sweater from Jet.

2. Standout watch

If you’re a man who likes to let his accessories do the talking, why not try an incredible, standout watch? We’re not talking your standard Rolex or expensive watch, rather one that is very unique with a colorful standout. This one from Movado, the Movado Edge, is not only a handsome watch, but the concave sandblasted blue aluminum dial with glossy midnight blue timing subdials is an incredibly designed timepiece. Not only will party goers notice your excellent taste, but they’ll wonder what you do for a living.

3. Interesting kicks


Source: Adidas

If the party’s casual enough that you can get by with wearing sneaks, wear these Wings 3 Sauvage Shoes by Adidas. They are a true standout while not being too outrageous that you can’t wear them again. These sneakers, designed by fashion visionary Jeremy Scott, have wings that meld together to create the appearance of a spiky dragon wing with a camouflage-style print, a mix of glossy, and matte leather. Wear them and you won’t feel like flying away from the party.

4. Glitter beard or beard baubles

If you’re rocking a beard this holiday season, you’re in luck. If you don’t have one, it’s never too late to start growing one in time for all the parties you’ll be attending. Shock and awe people by trying this new Instagram trend, which meshes glitter into your whiskers, ensuring you look fun and festive for the holidays. #Glitterbeard is worth the try if not only to be the centerpiece of your holiday festivities. If you can’t handle the glitter, by all means give beard baubles a try so you can look like a walking Christmas tree.

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