4 ‘Unstylish’ Menswear Styles That Are Now Trendy

These menswear styles are making a comeback

These menswear styles are making a comeback | Source: Brooksbrothers.com

Fashion is mercurial: Things that are considered on trend today may be deemed as shameful tomorrow. Although fashion is meant to be edgy, and its rules are almost always encouraged to be broken, sometimes fashion tends to break its own rules by deeming once taboo items as “in” again. We just might be living through the fashion apocalypse: Corduroy is back, black and blue are now a match made in heaven, and the Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim) is an acceptable fashion trend. These once banished pieces have made their way not only back to the runways, but also into the closets of many stylish men.

Here are four once-taboo styles that are now trendy again.

1. Pinstripes

If there’s one thing that makes you think of pinstripes, besides 1940s gangster movies, it’s American Psycho-1980s yuppy Wall Street serial-murder Patrick Bateman. The pinstripe suit was the original power suit, with added shoulder padding and/or chest-covering lapels. With that association fading, pinstripes are back and have re-emerged sans shoulder pads and with an updated look: Try a thicker chalkstripe, which is less intense than the thinner stripe style. Make sure if you’re opting for a pinstripe blazer that it fits well, and keep your shirt and tie muted with the look. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a pinstripe blazer made of tweed that exudes a more casual look and pair it with a dressed down outfit.

2. Corduroy

a stylish man carrying a suit

A man wearing a corduroy jacket | Source: iStock

Once considered a major fashion faux pas, wearing corduroy anything is now back and better than ever. Once reminiscent of your college professor, or any bookish, intellectual type it’s now a great everyday style. To avoid the professor-y look, try swapping a traditional brown/autumn hue for a newer on-point jewel tone. Also, take note of the spacing/distance between the ridges on a corduroy garment. Opt for a finer line with a smaller gap, as the larger the gap, the warmer the material, and the squarer you look. You’re going for as fitted of a look as possible for a modern edge.

3. Cargo pants

A major ’90s throwback to the days of baggy style pants, cargo pants are now back in slimmer form and preppier style. Try pairing your fitted cargo pants, which are a great alternative to chinos, with a button-down shirt, knitted tie, and blazer, or if you’re looking to dress them down, try wearing them with a sweatshirt. Word of caution: The pockets are for fashion, not function, so don’t store your keys in them.

4. White socks with black shoes

a close up of socks and shoes

White socks with black shoes | Source: iStock

White socks paired with black loafers, brogues, or Derbies are now viewed as acceptable if worn the right way. In order to avoid this style being a traditional faux pas, make sure you nail this style. You can do by this ensuring your trousers, pants, or jeans are slightly shorter than usual, about a half inch above your ankle. If you need to, roll up your jeans so as to make sure that people know you’ve made this conscience style decision. Make sure to steer clear of any clearly branded socks, and opt for styles made of cotton, wool, or other similar blends you would wear with your more casual attire; stick to white or slightly off-white to prevent from looking like your socks are dirty.

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