4 Ways to Wear Khaki

Khaki: The typical wardrobe staple that we’re happy to say can be worn year-round is huge this spring. This style, once synonymous with poor (and pleated) fashion, has become a pant that looks good on every guy because of its color and casual nature. Because the khaki color is so universally flattering, we’ve picked out four of the best ways for you to rock it like a boss.

1. Head-to-toe monochrome

At the New York Fashion Week: Men’s CFDA  x Docker event, former model Tyson Beckford was wearing the same khaki color from head to toe and really rocking it. He proves that khaki is not only awesome, but that tonal/monochrome dressing is here to stay. The key to pulling off the look is to wear various shades of the same hue to ensure your one-color attire doesn’t look too flat.

While beige/khaki is the most common tonal look to try, as Fashion Beans points out, it can also be the most uninteresting head-to-toe neutral color of them all. It just means you’re going to have to put in a little more effort into getting it right. Fashion Beans suggests adding accessories with color, like a cognac-color briefcase or a deep burgundy, dark sapphire, or forest green tie, pocket square, or any other relevant accessory for your outfit, and finish it off with a pair of suede loafers or white slip-on plimsolls.

2. Khaki suit

khaki suit

Source: J. Crew

While technically head-to-toe, wearing a khaki color suit does not mean you have to dress tonally. In fact, gear up for spring and get this khaki suit from J.Crew, which is the perfect neutral color that looks good on every man, according to GQ’s Creative Director Jim Moore. Moore describes the khaki suit as a blank canvas that’s all about how you add color to it. He pairs the suit expertly with a spread collar denim dress shirt and blue repp stripe tie for that perfect office-to-date night look.

3. Khaki peacoat/overcoat

khaki coat

Source: Mr Porter

While the weather’s still chilly, the easiest way to embrace the khaki color look is with a peacoat or overcoat. A khaki overcoat can read sleek, urban, or elemental for when you’re on or off duty, and already matches perfectly with everything you own.

4. Khaki chinos

khaki chinos

Source: Macy’s

Injecting a khaki chino into your closet can breathe new life into your everyday outfits, especially if you’re a wears-jeans-all-the-time kind of guy. While there are lighter-weight pairs for the warmer months of the year, there are those made of heavier wool fabrics that are perfect for right now. It’s important to have a go-to neutral color pant in your closet that goes with anything and can be worn during any season. While you can go lighter now, a slightly darker color khaki works perfectly within the spectrum. They can also be worn to the office or on casual Friday with a printed blazer or one in a complementary color.

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