5 Comfortable Things to Wear During Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Velvet, a touch of glitter if you dare, and a chunky cable-knit sweater for when you’re in a pinch. Isn’t dressing up for the holiday season a breeze? Not always. When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, finding the perfect outfit is no easy feat. Sure, you want to sartorially one-up your catty aunt and that pretentious brother-in-law; however, you want to wear something cozy that will also accommodate the extra helping of pumpkin pie that’s basically inevitable. With luxe track pants and “normcore” a thing of the present, it feel as if the fashion gods have swayed towards comfort for all our Turkey Day needs. Behold: five pieces that meet at the intersection of comfort and style, making them must-haves for your annual feast. Now that’s something to be thankful for.

1. Pants with drawstring closure

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Source: Mr Porter

Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, green bean casserole, more stuffing, pumpkin pie, cherry pie, pecan pie, and finally apple pie. Let’s face it: This national day of eating doesn’t do any favors for your waistline. Coupled with the few-too-many beers you’ll consume watching the football game pre-dinner, your fitted jeans will probably burst at the seams come dessert. Luckily, a slew of designers have created cozy pairs of drawstring pants in fancy fabrics. The straight hemline on these Fanmail sweats, for example, will fool your relatives into thinking these are a pair of high-end chinos; however, the drawstring will make stuffing your face a more pleasant affair. Plus, these are made of 100% organic cotton and will feel great during the cold autumnal chill. Keep this pair looking formal with a wrinkle-proof button-down and a pair of low-top sneakers.

2. Lightweight sweater

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Source: Mr Porter

“Here come the meat sweats,” Joey Tribbiani said in the 2001 Thanksgiving episode of Friends. We understand the sentiment, Joey. A candle-lit table top, the heat seeping out from the oven, and mountains of hearty and flavorful food will lead anyone to perspire. While throwing on a bulky sweater seems like an obvious choice given the temperature outside, we urge you to select a lighter iteration. This one from John Smedley, for example, is crafted of 100% wool, but its lightweight nature will prevent any form of “meat sweats.” While a fine-knit sweater will look good with almost anything, we think a formal pair of trousers and lace-ups will perfectly juxtapose this pick. Just think — the mix of tailored and casual will be perfect for meeting your significant other’s extended family.

3. Insulated loafers

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Source: Zappos

Leave those stodgy brogues for the office: They’re constricting, blister-prone, and difficult to take on and off (per your grandma’s carpet-centric housekeeping rules). Instead, take a more casual route this holiday season with these slip-ons from Frye. The treated shearling that lines the shoes will convince your feet that you’re gliding around in your ratty pair of slippers. But on-lookers won’t be fooled: The tactile suede exterior will make you look like the king of the dinner table. Plus, their easy to take on and off quality is perfect for your gram’s high-maintenance preferences. For a perfectly rugged look, opt for a pair of (stretchy) jeans and a fisherman sweater.

4. Chambray shirt

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Source: Bloomingdale’s

Unless you’re attending a turkey-filled party or feasting in a bonafide mansion, dress shirts skew a tad too formal on the Thanksgiving fashion spectrum (not to mention sporting a white button-down will double as a painful reminder of the knocked over red wine later that evening). For a more casual spin that is equally stylish, opt for a cozy chambray. Between the fastened front pocket and the perfect shade of denim blue, Todd Snyder’s take on a classic chambray can be dressed up or down. Plus, the darker hue will make that accidental spill not too noticeable. While a Canadian tuxedo may be too outré for your relatives, keep this look subtly chic with a pair of colorful corduroy pants and those shearling-lined loafers.

5. Luxe coat

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Source: Mr Porter

As any stylish guy knows, making a high-octane, super chic entrance is everything. And whether you’re sporting your sweats or a pair of trousers, a luxurious coat will instantly elevate your ensemble to be a sight for sore eyes. For a quality coat that is both luxurious and practical, we love this versatile pick from Officine Generale. Experiencing a bit of sticker shock? We don’t blame you. But infused with Loro Piana’s Storm System Wool, this coat is geared to combat harsh winds and it’s water-proof. On an awful blizzard day, those two factors are priceless. Whether you layer up underneath this minimalist option or save it for the warm months ahead, we can assure you that you’ll have this for many Thanksgivings to come.

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