5 Designers to Look for at New York Fashion Week: Men’s

If the slew of runway snaps on your Instagram feed is any indication, men’s fashion month is in full swing. And, lucky for any catwalk connoisseur, the fun doesn’t stop with the autumn 2016 shows that recently debuted in London, Milan, and Paris. For the month’s grand finale, the shows come to the Big Apple for the second installment of New York Fashion Week: Men’s from February 1 to February 4.

Just like the women’s collections — which kick off later in February — New York is home to established brands (think Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nautica) and cult favorites (a la Public School, Tim Coppens, and Billy Reid) alike. However, this time around also promotes a plethora of promising, emerging designers. Want to be the resident fashion know-it-all in your inner circles? Keep your eye out for these five labels, all of which are showing at NYFW: Men’s this season.

1. Second/Layer


Source: Second/Layer

A quick glance of certain brands can cause you to change your whole aesthetic and throw all your treasured threads out immediately. Well, dear reader, we can assure you that Second/Layer is one of those completely covetable labels. And, after only three years in business, the label has secured a passionate following and morphed into being one of the most anticipated shows of the week.

So why should you be blown away by Second/Layer? With its mantra, “tailor made daily wear,” expect some well-crafted, innovative designs that skew more toward minimalist Calvin Klein than zany Gareth Pugh territory. Past collections have featured nearly ankle-grazing knit cardigans, baggy cargo pants that are far trendier than your average GI Joe’s, and roomy T-shirts that are equally appropriate for a casual night out with the guys or Netflix and chilling with your latest Tinder crush. Stock up on some creative essentials now so you can say you wore the brand before it was cool.

2. Joseph Mazzilli

Joseph Mazzilli apparel

Source: Joseph Mazzilli

Winter fashion — and everything blizzard-ready that’s hanging in your wardrobe — can be so uninspired. In fact, the only sartorial thought that crosses your mind as you’re shivering to the bus stop is, “I need more sweaters.” But if you’re going to adopt a sweater-clad uniform for any fall/winter season, you might as well dress in strictly stylish jumpers. Enter Joseph Mazzilli, which is debuting right before NYFW: Men’s on Friday, January 29. Created by married couple Joseph Mazzilli and his wife Karina, who is equipped with 12 years in the industry, the line is setting out to make luxurious sweaters that will flatter a man’s athletic figure.

“The pieces for our fall 2016 collection are designed to meet the needs of men looking to obtain high quality versatile wardrobe items for their on-the-go lifestyle,” Karina said in a recent press release. Joseph Mazzilli will show off a range of regal materials, from lightweight yarn to tactile cashmere, and is a sure bet to be the next wardrobe must-have. And, if you’re thinking about extending your wintry collection to host blazers and sport coats, the brand is slated to show some extra layers in its inaugural presentation.

3. Kenneth Ning

Kenneth Ning apparel

Source: Kenneth Ning

No matter how good your intentions may be, you tend to find yourself with dozens of the same garments in your closet. Sure, a guy doesn’t need 12 black T-shirts and seven striped dress shirts, but that’s the core contents of your closet. Pushing the sartorial envelope for silhouettes you wouldn’t normally lean towards isn’t easy, let alone trying an offbeat shape in a vibrant hue or flashy print. But if you’re looking to give your closet some much needed pizazz without totally stepping out of your comfort zone, turn to Kenneth Ning. The California native, who launched his eponymous line in 2014, has a particular knack for mixing traditional shapes with a zesty print, color, or texture. With previous collections boasting everything from crocodile printed jackets to block printed button-downs, we wouldn’t be surprised if the brand’s most recent collection satisfied all your aspiring street style star needs.

4. Stampd


Source: Stampd

Don’t get us wrong: Your dress shirts and polos are very nice and all, but being a fashionisto is all about expanding your sartorial repertoire. And for that, consider Stampd your go-to brand. At first, the brand’s self-described “avantstreet” reputation may be a bit of a head scratcher (not to mention intimidating). But in reality? The brand’s threads are way more wearable than your run-of-the-mill Comme des Garçons collection. It’s those thoughtful details — say, cool straps on a bomber jacket or distressed chambray shirts — that are unique and stay far away from costume territory. Plus, when a brand has over 10 capsule collections and a “Best Menswear Design in America” award from GQ, you take notice.

5. Palmiers du Mal


Source: Palmiers du Mal

As much as you’ve grown to love your nine-to-five office attire, there’s something totally liberating about changing into a cozy sweater and pants combo for your off hours. But instead of looking to your ratty college sweats — they may be nostalgic, but you won’t be receiving any style kudos in those — upgrade your casual wear with Palmiers du Mal. With only a few collections under its belt, the New York-based brand centers its line around modern luxury. Clean cardigans and sweats are served up in cashmere and other seriously fancy textiles. And with athleisure still a big trend, you’ll look cool in these threads all the time.

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