5 Fashion Risks You Should Take This Fall

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Although it’s always a smart idea to stick to the classics, there is something to be said about taking a risk. Taking a fashion risk can mean the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Think you need to make a big wardrobe change to take a fashion risk? Think again — small changes can make a big difference. By simply straying just a little from your go-to classics and the conventional, you can significantly amp up your style game. Ready to push your style limits this fall? Here are five risks worth taking.

1. Try a geometric print

This season is all about geometric patterns. The key to wearing this trend is balancing it out with the rest of your wardrobe. For those of you just venturing into the world of geometric prints, play it safe with patterned socks and ties. If you’re in the mood to be bold, embrace a button-down shirt or a geometric patterned blazer.

2. Wear your pants short on purpose

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Although the too-short pant look doesn’t look right on little boys who seemingly appear to grow out of them, this is a bold fashion statement all men should try. To really nail this trend, wear trousers or chinos that are a slim fit in the leg, and look for pants that stop a half-inch above your shoe or have them tailored to the same point. Pair your short pants with an oxford or double-monk shoe, and be sure to skip the socks for an added style risk.

3. Go for a monochrome look

Wearing variations of a single color from head to toe makes you look leaner and taller, says Jennings. Also, don’t forget to match your belt to the rest of your outfit. Try pairing an olive polo with sage chinos, and a similarly hued jacket for a refined look.

4. Wear a backpack

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Even though it may not be back-to-school for you, this is definitely a trend worth trying. This is great for those who tire of the classic briefcase or messenger bag, and is for the open-minded man who knows that a practical backpack can also be stylish. “These aren’t the bright-colored nylon versions you toted around in high school,” says Sandra Nygaard, fashion director for Men’s Health. “It’s time to graduate to more sophisticated textures, like leather or waxed canvas in rich colors.” Opt for a leather backpack to match your office ensemble, or try a more budget friendly pack for casual use.

5. Mix dressy with casual

This one is a huge game changer, but not difficult to test out. The new rule in menswear is to challenge the rules. This means pairing sports apparel with tailored styles to show you’re a modern guy who’s not afraid to challenge the conventions of traditional menswear. Try rocking sneakers or a performance parka with a classic suit, or tailored sweats with a sport coat.

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