5 Gifts for Telecommuters and People Who Work From Home

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The idea of the 9-to-5 office job seems more and more foreign these days. Technology makes it easier than ever for workers to untether themselves from the office desk and work just about anywhere. (In fact, the author of the very article you’re reading now is a telecommuter.) It certainly has its benefits, but it can have its drawbacks, too.

So what tech gifts are perfect for 21st-century workers like us? Here’s a few for you to consider.

1. T-Mobile 4G LTE HotSpot Z915 – $110


Source: t-mobile.com

One of the nice things about working at home is being able to get away from traditional work environments. In reality though, many of us working from home just change surroundings but not necessarily the way we work. A mobile hotspot is a great gift to help change that. T-Mobile’s hotspot allows up to 10 connections, and if you have a T-Mobile account you can actually purchase it for no money down and pay just $4.58 a month for two years. Plans start at just $20 per month for 2GB, topping out at $80 per month for the 18GB plan, one of the best deals out there. One more thing: If you have a T-Mobile voice plan, you get a $10 per month credit on data-only plans.

There is no contract, but remember if you cancel early and are paying the hotspot off in installments, the rest of the payments will come due.

Source: Aukey.com

Source: Aukey.com

2. Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 External Battery – $30

With a stunning 10,400mAh capacity and Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology, Aukey’s sleek looking external battery is the cream of the crop when it comes to portable charging. It’s only $30 too, which we think is one heck of a deal.

If your phone or device has a Snapdragon processor, it supports Quick Charge. In tests, Digital Trends was able to charge a Samsung Galaxy S6 in 90 minutes (and two and a half times over before the battery died), and Aukey says most phones will charge to 60% in as little as a half an hour. Apple devices are compatible with this external battery too, but won’t charge as fast.

3. MagicJackGO VoIP Service – $40

Source: MagicJack.com

Source: MagicJack.com

MagicJack has been around for a long, long time, and it still remains one of the best VoIP deals out there. $40 gets you its latest USB dongle plus a full year of service. It even has telecommuters in mind as this service includes conference call functionality too. It’s a great deal, and renewals are $35 per year or $99 for five years.

Most telecommuters end up using their cell phones for business use, which isn’t always the best solution. A service like MagicJack gives them a separate dedicated number. Better yet? The USB dongle allows it to be used just about anywhere.

4. LapGear XL Laptop LapDesk – $24

Source: LapDesk.com

Source: LapDesk.com

There’s just some days that you don’t feel like getting out of bed. Working from home can make that way too easy. Our solution? Get them a desk that they can work on from bed, and you can solve this natural way for telecommuters to procrastinate.

There’s a few features in this desk that we’re especially fond of, including the wrist rest at the bottom, and airflow design to keep your legs from getting too warm. You’ll also have extra space on either the left or right to use a mouse. And you can’t go wrong with the price: There are lap desks we’ve seen that cost two and three times as much.

5. iGotTech Cable Management System – $10


Source: iGotTech.com

If your loved one is a little more on the OCD side, the inexpensive iGotTech cable management system might be a perfect gift. Amazon sells them in a set of nine, and each cable pod includes an adhesive bottom to adhere to just about anything. Just pop the cable itself into the indentations on each slot, and you’re good to go.

Of course there’s more than just black available like we’ve pictured here. A white set, and a colored set is also available for $10, so if they really want to organize (and are really OCD), you might want to spring for the colored set.

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