5 Grooming and Style Tweaks Women Will Notice

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The fairer sex tends to be observant, often noticing when you’re hiding something, your mood changes, or you make an adjustment to your appearance. Sometimes, it’s the little things that really matter and can make a huge difference in your appearance. A few quick tips, courtesy of Men’s Health executive director Brian Boyé, will show you how to easily upgrade your look in no time at all. Here are five appearance tweaks that women will absolutely notice.

1. Trim your sideburns (1 Minute)

Your sideburns are the part of your haircut that tend to grow out the fastest, which means that they start to look unruly rather quickly. If you don’t want to make another trip to the barber, give them a quick trim for a clean-cut look, suggests Boyé. He also notes that this clean up works only once between haircuts. Get the job done nice and easy with the Gillette Pro Glide Styler.

2. Choose a bright shirt (30 Seconds)

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Your basic white button-up will always be your go-to classic, but sometimes sticking to neutrals can make you look dull — it’s time to brighten it up a bit with something new. For a fresher appearance, step out of your comfort zone with an exciting hue that will definitely bring some color back to your face. “A bright orange, red or pink shirt will light up your face and make you stand out in a crowd,” says Boyé. Opt for a solid color, or if you’re in the mood to experiment, try a shirt like this from the Gap.

3. Blot your skin (15 Seconds)

This is something that women are all too familiar with: keeping the shine in check. Interestingly, Boyé notes that men’s skin is more naturally oily than women’s. The upside to the shine, though, is that it keeps you looking younger for longer, whereas the downside is that by the end of the day, you’re all greased up, which is not a great look on anyone. Try keeping blotting papers, like these from Boscia on hand in your desk drawer or in a zippered compartment in your briefcase. Give your nose and forehead a quick once-over when you feel you’re starting to look too oily.

4. Exfoliate (1 Minute)

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Give your handsome mug a little love and attention before you head off to bed. You may not know this but every day, thousands of tiny skin cells on your face die. Without a good scrubbing, they can accumulate and dry and begin to flake around your nose and forehead, says Boyé. Add face scrub to your nightly routine a few times a week to keep your skin looking smooth and fresh. Boyé recommends Jack Black Face Buff.

5. Polish your shoes (1 minute)

A recent Men’s Health survey revealed something interesting about what women are checking out most on you: your shoes and your watch. Both seemed to be a sign of status and show that you care about the way you look. “Scuffed shoes indicate a lack of attention to detail,” says Boyé. They also just plain ‘ol look like crap. Try Sof Sole Instant Shine Sponge to do the trick for scuffed leather and vinyl shoes.

In a real pinch, try this DIY method: Swipe the inside of a banana peel across your shoe and gently wipe off any excess gunk with a paper towel. The banana has natural oils that will provide a quick shine to your favorite shoes, and hopefully won’t leave them smelling like a fruit salad in the process — unless you like that.

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