5 Grooming Techniques That Will Switch Up Your Normal Routine


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Stuck in a grooming rut? It might be time to try a few new techniques, particularly if your routine has become monotonous. Whether it’s reaching for a blow dryer or dying your hair a different shade, here are five grooming techniques that will help switch up your routine.

1. If you’re unhappy with your hair, try using a blow dryer

Blow drying your hair can be the answer to all of your styling woes, especially if you’re not happy with the hair you’ve been genetically blessed with, or your product just isn’t doing the job it should. Birchbox Man’s resident style and grooming guru Eric Neher lays out the benefits of a good blow dry:

  • It lays the groundwork for product: If you use any kind of product for your hair, whether it’s a styling gel, paste, or pomade, in order for it work and adhere easily to your hair, it has to be completely dry. A towel dry is not going to get you there and it can take a long time to air dry, especially if you’re in a rush to get out the door. Simply blow drying for less than a minute can prevent any undesired piecy-ness or grease.
  • It can give you straight hair: You know all those sleek, straight looks you see in the pages of men’s mags? It’s all thanks to a blow dryer. To straighten, start with a leave-in conditioner, then part your hair how you want it and start blow drying. Get yourself a round brush and follow the blow dryer closely with the brush. Make sure your hair is dry from root to tip.
  • It can give you volume: If you want some height, then a blow dryer is your answer. To add volume, dry from from the root upward.

2. If your nails are jagged, use a glass file

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Take a look at your nails. If they are dirty, uneven, or looking a little sad in general, it’s time to give them some TLC. GQ recommends using the Trind, a glass nail file that leaves your nails clean and smooth. Sure it might be slightly pricier than a normal metal or sand file, but it lasts much longer and leaves your nails looking more refined.

3. If you’re bored with your hair, go gray

Yes, you read that correctly. The faux gray hair trend has been around since 2013, and it’s still going strong for millennial men and women alike. In a New York Times piece, writer Max Berlinger confirms this as a trend after speaking with various influential colorists and Internet personalities and noting that searches for gray hair-dye tripled on Amazon in the last year. And if you’re starting to go gray early, embrace it — not only is trendy, but it’ll be really easy to maintain.

4. If you’re craving exfoliation, brush your face

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Brush your teeth, brush your hair, brush your face sans facial hair? Yes. “A desperate travel buddy once exfoliated his face with a toothbrush. I tried it and never stopped. It’s better than what my fingers could ever do. I then rub in Sisley All Day All Year cream. It keeps my skin firm. It’s like a daily face-lift,” says Thom Whiddett, co-founder of Thom Sweeney, to GQ.

5. If you need an extra pick-me-up, spritz some cologne before bed

Perfumer and founder Carlos Huber of Arquiste tells GQ about his evening grooming routine: “Each night, I spray fragrance into my hand just a bit and pat my cheeks, neck, and forearms. I like Roger & Gallet Jean Marie Farina because it’s masculine and citrusy. I avoid floral or woody fragrances before bed. What’s wrong with wearing it just for yourself?” Some men love a glass of wine before bed, while others prefer to feel good by smelling good. What a novel idea.

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