5 Hair Trends Even Worse Than Man Buns

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Thanks Harry Styles, but no thank you. Man buns are everywhere, and unfortunately, even though they look ridiculous, it seems like these topknots are staying on top. Despite what you might think, this hairstyle doesn’t make you look like a hipster or more interesting. Instead, it makes you look like you are too lazy to go to the barbershop or use a comb. But it could be worse if you try to wear any of the following five hairstyles. Remember, the only bun appropriate for a man is on a hamburger, not on the top of his head.

1. Square hairline

To be blunt, blunt bangs don’t make you look more handsome. And if your barber is even just a centimeter off, you will look like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. A square hairline doesn’t frame your face, and the only man who can remotely pull this off this look is George Clooney.

2. Emo bangs

This haircut is not only unflattering, it can actually lead to a medical condition called amblyopia aka lazy eye. Now, that is really something to wallow in. If your hair is long, this might be the only time it’s OK to push it up and rock a man bun — it will be an improvement for your style and health.

3. Mullets

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If you want to look unprofessional or turn off potential partners, the mullet is your express ticket there. Business in the front and a party in the back isn’t an event anyone wants to attend. If your hair naturally grows into a mullet style, you need to take action and get your hair cut more often. Schedule appoints with your barber in advance if you must.

4. Bleached blonde

This isn’t technically a haircut, but more of a dye disaster. It’s a known fact that very few adults naturally look like they’ve dunked their head into a bucket of Clorox. This look is not flattering, but yet, men continue to go bleach-crazy. Adam Levine, who can almost do no wrong in terms of style, went platinum in 2014. Justin Bieber still makes this mistake (among many others…). Pete Wentz, James Franco, and even Jared Leto have gone blonde and then gotten their head straight (literally) and went back to their roots. If you are looking to make your hair a little lighter, why not ask for some subtle highlights instead of going all out?

5. The comb over

When a look is defined as trendy, you normally think of something that is on the cover of a magazine or that celebrities wear. Then you realize the true meaning of trendy is something that is popular no matter how asinine it looks. Enter: the combover. The worst comb over of all belongs to the one and only Donald Trump. If you are losing your hair, instead of combing your remaining hair over, why not go to a good stylist who can work with what you have?

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