5 Halloween Costumes You Should Stay Away From This Year

For any Halloween participant, selecting a costume is both fun and daunting. Dressing up as an alter ego is a festive way to embrace this spooky holiday. However, finding a cool, creative, and stylish ensemble each year is no easy feat. Consequently, you most likely settle for a clichéd costume instead. Stop right there. You know better!

As a stylish guy, there is no better time to flex your creativity muscle and put together an outfit that will score many kudos amongst your peers. Not sure which costumes are a big “no” this year? Read on for five Halloween ensembles you should avoid (and creative alternatives).

1. Clark Kent

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Guys like it because it’s easy. Girls like it because nobody can resist a secret superhero masked in a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. However, you won’t be the only disguised man of steel at your Halloween bash. An easy outfit, like this one, equals a quick fix for every guy who conveniently sports chunky frames. Not to mention that a graphic tee and glasses likely mirrors your daily ensemble.

Instead, swap out your glasses for contacts and slip into a sleek — or even rented — tuxedo to emulate a different modern superhero: James Bond. Even though the international heartthrob has been churning out movies for over 50 years, you see very few Spectre protagonists doing “The Monster Mash.” As an added bonus, it is your duty as James Bond to have a martini on hand at all times (shaken, not stirred) and coerce your girlfriend to dress up as your Bond girl. You know, for the good of the costume and all.

2. Lax bro

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Don’t deny it: As much as you loathed term papers and your messy dorm room, you find yourself yearning for those college days every now and then. What’s not to miss? You could sleep in and party as much as you’d like. For those who find themselves hit with nostalgia, dressing up as the ultra-niche (yet satirical) “lax bro” is a fun way to pay homage to those treasured college years.

But donning a pair of calf-high socks and a mesh jersey is far from inspired. Opt for a cliché-free alternative by dressing up as a surfer. Don’t worry: The bro-tastic factor is still there, just less predictable. You already have most of the basics: swim trunks, a wet T-shirt, flip-flops, and sunglasses. For a fun touch, pick up an inexpensive puka shell necklace. And if the weather is chillier than your boardshorts can handle, you can easily layer up with a Navajo-printed baja hoodie, which you can often find at your local thrift store. Unless you’re going to an uncrowded Halloween party on the beach, we’ll go ahead and say the surfboard is optional.

3. Donald Trump


Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, there is no denying that the presidential candidate has been a major talking point this year. So why shouldn’t you channel your inner multi-millionaire for Halloween? As Donald Trump so humbly states, he’s extremely wealthy, cool, and is not sporting a toupee. But we’ll give you one reason to resist your urge to be the Republican hopeful this year: Everyone else has the same idea.

Don’t get us wrong, we love topical Halloween get-ups. However, seeing over a dozen of Trump costumes would be overwhelming for even the Donald himself. Instead of opting for the obvious, we dare you to think outside of the box. Dress in gray with a bunch of friends and be a funny (albeit controversial) take on Trump’s immigration wall. Or play it safe by drawing his campaign logo on a plain T-Shirt with a fabric marker and go to the party as a Trump fanatic. Trust us, your iteration on the business mogul-turned-politician will be “huuuuge.”

4. Cop

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Regardless of age, dressing up as a cop is a no-brainer. As your parents can easily attest to, your oversized aviators, plastic nightstick, and faux police ensemble looks just as adorable with a diaper rash as it does with prepubescent braces. And when you grew older, and more aware of your (possibly) chiseled abs and bulging biceps, you may have given this classic costume a sexy twist with up-to-there shorts and a half-buttoned uniform. But it lacks originality — no matter which edition of a fictional cop you are considering.

You’ve seen one sexy (or modest) cop, you’ve seen ‘em all, right? This year, why not choose a different sector of law enforcement to imitate? For example, a FBI agent is a polished alternative (and will only require your work suit and a fictional badge from a party store). Or, if you want to add a comical yet topical twist, grab an empty beer bottle and your Bluetooth earpiece and be one of the White House’s drunk and disorderly Secret Service agents.

5. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Wand

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Ever since The Sorcerer’s Stone, dressing up as Harry Potter for this haunted holiday has been a no-brainer. Because when it comes down to it, doesn’t everyone wish that they possessed magical qualities and could play Quidditch? Bad news for those who have a Gryffindor scarf pending in their digital shopping cart: If a costume idea was cool when you were just starting to read chapter books, it’s definitely too overplayed in 2015.

We know that retiring the old broomstick and wizard’s hat will be hard, but select your other pop culture passion: Game of Thrones. With a heavy cape, satchel, plastic sword, and (faux) fur overcoat — all of which you can find at a thrift store — you can easily channel your inner Jon Snow. Not only is this alternative a more on-trend choice (especially since we’re all still wondering whether or not he actually died), but the protagonist is also one of the most stylish characters on television.

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