5 Instagram Accounts Showcasing Timeless Style

If you’re into menswear, chances are you keep up daily, or at least several times a week, with your favorite menswear mags. Sure, you probably also keep up with noted male fashion bloggers like Jim Chapman and Nick Wooster who have built a following on their own, garnering attention from the biggest names in men’s fashion, but you could also simply turn to Instagram. We bring you five of the most well-dressed men on Instagram who showcase timeless style perfectly.

1. He Spoke Style, @HeSpokeStyle

He Spoke Style instagram account

He Spoke Style | Source: @HeSpokeStyle via Instagram

If we had to sum up Baltimore native Brian Sacawa of He Spoke Style in one word, it would be “dapper.” His skill for piecing together a well-fitting suit, crisp tie, and a perfectly folded pocket square all combine to make him a vision of old-world-classic-meets-new-modern-style. His Instagram photos take you into a stylish lifestyle that makes you want to emulate his every move. He is by all accounts a throwback to the classic gentleman of yesteryear. He also seems to be a fan of whiskey, which makes us like him even more.

2. I Am Galla, @IAmGalla

I Am Galla instagram accont

I Am Galla | Source: @IAmGalla via Instagram

Adam Gallagher, the founder and über-stylish mastermind behind the popular blog I AM GALLA, never met a suit he didn’t like — but also wears casual sweats with just as much aplomb. Gallagher’s fashion staples, while on the classic side, seem to find a way to make even a leather jacket look like the most refined piece of clothing a man can own. His Instagram showcases not only his style, but his active lifestyle and exceptional ability to blend of native California aesthetic with a sharp New York approach to fashion.

3. Gentlemen’s Brim, @GentlemensBrim

Gentlemen’s Brim instagram account

Gentlemen’s Brim | Source: @GentlemensBrim via Instagram

Gentlemen’s Brim is for the man whose interests include style and motorcycles — and who values the colliding worlds in an effort to look good. Bloggers Tony and Sadiki combine their love for classic vintage style, with original photography spreads that make it seem like their style inspiration walked right out of the earlier half of the 20th century. They make some daring fashion choices, and the results definitely pay off. Gentlemen’s Brim is for any fella who is up for the challenge of styling sweatpants with a sports coat.

4. Joey London, @JoeyLondonStyle

Joey London instagram account

Joey London | Source: @JoeyLondonStyle via Instagram

Joey London (and his namesake blog) combines two fantastic elements of style: classic (as we so covet) and youthful enthusiasm. London’s self-centric posts display his effortless approach to style, playing with neutral colors in a way that any man can emulate with pops of color here and there, which is always advised. His posts rely heavily on his self-proclaimed three interests: culture, art, and fashion, which he incorporates into every post. If you’re a man who keeps up with pop culture but has a classically stylish side, London is for you.

5. Angel Ramos, @AngelBespoke

Angel Ramos instagram account

Angel Ramos | Source: @AngelBespoke via Instagram

Angel Ramos of AngelBespoke is the real deal in menswear: He is a tailor and owner of Angel Bespoke, a leading custom sartorial brand that offers men an individualized shopping experience. His Instagram is both a showcase for his custom, effortless style as well as documentation of his daily travels. Most of all though, Ramos is known for his eye in artisanal menswear, and takes a personalized approach to dressing appropriately whenever and wherever the occasion calls for a suit.

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