5 Messenger Bags to Fit Any Lifestyle

Anyone in the market for a laptop or messenger bag has so many options that it’s hard to know where to start. They come in different form factors, and they’re made of a variety of materials, so it’s hard to know which ones will work with your lifestyle.

We feel your pain. To help you make the right choice in when selecting a bag, we’ve picked out our favorites for five different kinds of people.


The Student

Berchirly messenger bag

Source: Amazon


Students need a laptop bag that can hold a lot of stuff at once, from books to tablets to a six-pack of beer if that’s how you roll. A student’s bag should also be inexpensive, because the cost of education continues to skyrocket while students continue to be broke.

That’s a tall order for a laptop bag, but we’ve found one. This Berchirly Vintage Military bag is big and tough enough to hold your books, laptop, and other gear, and it won’t break the bank, either. It comes in an array of colors, and has a classic design that won’t go out of style any time soon. Buy one here.

The Businessman

Kenneth Cole Messenger bag

Source: Amazon


More than any other type of bag owner, a businessman needs to give equal consideration to form and function, style and utility. A bulky laptop bag implies sloppiness. An ugly one indicates poor taste. A laptop bag is an accessory that should compliment your outfit.

To that end, you can’t go wrong with this messenger bag from Kenneth Cole. It’s made from full-grain leather and fits laptops up to 15.4 inches. It has dedicated pockets for business cards and a cell phone, plus a sizable zippered pocket for anything else you need to bring with you. And like any leather product worth its salt, the bag continues to look great even as it goes through the wear and tear of daily use. Buy one here.

The Techie

AmazonBasics Backpack

Source: Amazon


Whether you work in the tech industry or you just love gadgets, you probably don’t want to leave home without a number of devices, including your phone, Kindle, tablet, laptop, and handheld gaming machine. Clearly, you’ll need a bag that can handle it all.

This AmazonBasics bag handles it all and more. First off, it’s a backpack, which lets you comfortably carry much more weight than a standard shoulder-strap bag. It can accommodate laptops up to 17 inches, which makes it the perfect bag for your gaming machine. The laptop pocket is padded, so your computer won’t take any damage from the other devices you put in there. It even has dedicated pockets for writing utensils, cell phones, and a water bottle. Buy one here.

The Freelancer

S Zone messenger bag

Source: Amazon


Not all workers report to an office every weekday morning. Some spin their magic at a coffee shop, library, or anywhere with a reliable WiFi signal. These people don’t have to worry so much about looking formal, but they should always try to be fashionable while carting around the tools of their trade.

For those people, we recommend this vintage messenger bag from S-Zone. It’s made of leather and canvas, so it’s tough enough to bring with you wherever your work takes you. It has tons of space, plus extra pockets for keys, cell phones, and the pound of coffee you picked up from the cute barista. Finally, the different color options significantly alter the look of the bag, so you can pick the one that speaks to you the most. Buy one here.

The Traveler

Swiss Gear backpack

Source: Amazon


A laptop bag that’s going to travel the world with you needs to be more rugged than your average bag. It has to hold up as you shove it in overhead bins, under bus seats, and in the trunks of taxis. It also needs to give you easy access to your laptop for when you go through airport security.

This one from SwissGear is perfect for travelers. It fits up to a 15-inch laptop, with enough space left over for tons of other travel essentials. It even has a dedicated pocket to hold a water bottle. And the padded shoulder straps are great for easing the pain of lugging around your gear as you see the sites, catch trains, and explore the big wide world. Buy it here.

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