5 Moisturizers to Cure Your Winter Blues

Don’t be fooled: Just because the wintry season is synonymous with jolly holidays ranging from Hanukkah to Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a darker side. The massive wind chill factor and drop in humidity comes with a major downfall: Dry skin. While your face was once cashmere-soft and perhaps a little sebaceous from all the sweat  in the summer, it now feels like a cross between sandpaper and a reptile’s surface. Um, gross.  Whether you’re already reaping the winter’s harsh skin effects or devoted to taking precautionary measures; a heavy-duty moisturizer is arguably the most important product in your medicine closet this time of year. Here, we feature several favorites that will hydrate, soften, and repair your skin.

1. The Sun-Blocking Moisturizer


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Dodging snow piles and black ice patches makes it easy to forget that you’re still eligible to be plagued with sunburn. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the sun isn’t peaking through those snowy clouds. Not only does Murad’s Essential-C Day Moisturizer feature a bundle of antioxidants and vitamin C power, it also has SPF 30 and blocks both UVA and UVB rays. A tiny bottle that makes your skin hydrated, radiant, and burn-free? Yes, please.


2. The Gentle Moisturizer


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Who wouldn’t want to invest in a heavy-duty moisturizer? Those with chronic acne problems, for starters. No matter how dry their skin is, some who find themselves with a few too many white heads may associate the term “moisturizer” with more skin problems. Luckily, there are many lotions geared to those with sensitive skin. This one from Neutrogena has an oil-free formula that will absorb quickly without clogging pores. As an added bonus, it’s dermatologist recommended, so you know it’s good.

3. The Manly Moisturizer: Lather & Wood’s Face Moisturizer

lather & wood

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Sure, pillaging through your girlfriend’s seemingly endless array of lotion and potions is fun, but you don’t want your grooming products to leave a stench of rose petals and sugar. Sometimes, you need options that are created with the modern guy in mind. With mustache illustrations on the bottle, this pick from Lather & Wood screams “manly.” A cocktail of jojoba oil, shea butter, and ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid (to name a few), this pick promises to provide short and long-term results by repairing, hydrating, and strengthening your skin. Plus, this pick is also fragrance free, so it won’t interfere with your cologne.

4. The Age-Prevent Moisturizer: Rugged & Dapper Skin Fuel for Men

rugged and dapper

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Call us skincare alarmist if you must, but maintaining the largest organ of the integumentary system is a big deal. Forget the redness and itchiness that is associated with the cooler months, not moisturizing can result in cracked skin and looking 10 years older than you actually are. And unless you’re Benjamin Button, you don’t want that. Luckily, Rugged & Dapper’s Skin Fuel possesses anti-aging and defense powers. The magic is in the lotion’s ability to boost collagen and elasticity production at the dermal level, which lies under your skin’s surface, ultimately repairing and preventing wrinkles and other damages.

5. The Fancy Pants Moisturizer RODIN olio lusso Luxury Body Oil


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Who says that cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing has to be a chore? On the contrary, consider it your nightly pamper session after a long day at the office. We like that mentality for a slew of reasons: Some including that we all deserve a little TLC and it also gives us the excuse to invest in the most luxurious concoctions on the market.

For the caviar of skincare, turn to Rodin. While their body oil doesn’t come cheap, we have to admit that it’s totally worth it. A blend of 11 essential oils, some of which were derived from plants and flowers, this perfectly portioned oil will leave you hydrated. Plus, due to their no-frills composition, oils tend to absorb into your skin far more than lotions and serums. Translation? Expect smooth and silky results.





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