5 New Fashion Trends That Look Completely Ridiculous

stack of clothing on white background

A pile of unfashionable clothes | Source: iStock

For menswear dweebs, sartorial Christmas comes twice a year: Once when designers debut their spring collections and another for their fall threads. Whether you find yourself lusting over a particular Valentino look or are excited that white trousers are finally making a comeback, it’s always exciting to see which trends will be big for the impending months. However, that does not mean that everything creative directors send down the runway is covetable, stylish, and totally sane. We’ll be the first to tell you that some trends are good, others are hard to pull off, and others are just wacky. Here, we share this season’s trends that are totally ridiculous.

1. Skinny scarves

Skinny Scarf

Skinny Scarf | Source: Bluefly

As the temperature rises, the thought of wearing more layers than necessary is a major eye-roll. So why would anyone add a scarf into a springtime-friendly ensemble? Especially one that wouldn’t even provide an ounce of warmth should an occasional chill sweep by. And yet, major houses such as Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Burberry decked their models in spaghetti-like scarves of virtually all colors, textures, and patterns. Unless you’re moonlighting as a frontman for an alternative rock band, do us (and by that, we mean yourself) a favor and ditch the scarf this season.

2. Ultra-wide pants

Some of the great style icons of history — David Bowie comes to mind — have worn billowing bottoms, which is perhaps why designers from Hood by Air, Walter Van Beirendonck, and Yohji Yamamoto sent them down the runway. Listen up, dear reader: We love baggy clothes. If we could wear a roomy sweatsuit all day every day, we so would. But something so baggy in public? You’ll look like you accidentally threw on your 10-foot-tall roommate’s threads instead. Please, just don’t do it and stick with those nice, fitted pants you already own. You regretted your baggy jeans in 1990, and you’ll regret them again in 2016.

3. Manly jumpsuits


Jumpsuit | Source: SSense

Just because fashion heavyweights like Givenchy, Kenzo, and Balmain sent utilitarian jumpsuits down the catwalk doesn’t mean that every single guy should rock them this spring. In reality, they’re kind of silly. Elvis wore them. Grease‘s T-Birds did, too. But that doesn’t mean you should. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a uniform for your day job, rocking this onesie after-hours veers into Halloween territory. If you are looking for a monotone outfit, couple a black crew-neck with a pair of black jeans: It’ll be very Danny Zuko of you, minus the whole “Greased Lightning” number.

4. Nascar-inspired threads

Gentlemen, start your engines. Actually, scratch that. Don’t do it. Please don’t do it. Unless the occasion in question is a tailgate, we’re not particularly crazy about donning logos. So it’s not too surprising that the race car-ready garb shown at Moschino, Loewe, and KTZ wasn’t our favorite trend of the season. Official memorabilia is already overpriced, why would you want to spend even more money for a knock off? Not really our thing. Plus, similar to the jumpsuits, we can’t help but feel these are more costumey than actually wearable.

5. Cropped pants with high socks

Perhaps this isn’t deemed a trend by the fashion gods of the runway,  but it’s no secret that mixing cropped pants with high, poppy socks has been a recent street style favorite. Does this trend provide a refreshing way to wear a pair of pants? Sure. Does it look normal beyond the confines of fashion blogs? Definitely not. More times than not, you’ll look like you accidentally shrunk your pants in the laundry and didn’t realize while you were getting dressed. We’re all for showing off some festive socks, but why not wear normal-fitting pants?

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