5 of Our Favorite Street Style Photographers

If you’re a dedicated menswear fashion follower, chances are you not only follow fashion blogs and Instagram accounts, but also street style photographers. The Internet is flooded with street style photos documenting the best dressed dudes on the planet. We typically consume these incredibly inspiring picks from a few social media platforms, and even a handful of street photographers have becomes something of household names — Tommy Ton and The Sartorialist, for example. However, there are many that are a bit more off the radar but are making just as many waves in the world of fashion — look out for these gentlemen. Get ready to get inspired.

1. George Elder

George Elder is a fashionable street style photographer

George Elder is a fashionable street style photographer | George Elder via Instagram

George Elder, whose work is mostly with Complex magazine’s separate fashion blog Four Pins, is known for snapping OG menswear dudes, the downtown cool guys, and the weirdos that make for interesting fashion photos — his demographic varies widely. He’s known for snapping a lot of New York City street style.

2. Kuba Dabrowski

Kuba Dabrowski

Kuba Dabrowski | Kuba Dabrowski via Instagram

A quick scan through Kuba Dabrowski’s work reveals that street style isn’t his primary focus. But when he’s not shooting highly stylized, surreal scenes or documenting his travels around the globe, he clearly has an incredible eye for dope outfits. Having worked closely with industry trade magazine Women’s Wear Daily, Dabrowski’s documentation of the most stylish men attending the Fashion Weeks of London, Milan, and Paris always lets American men know what’s going on in fashion all over the world.

3. Hyunbum Nam

Hyunbum Nam

Hyunbum Nam | Hyunbum Nam via Instagram

Not only is photographer Hyunbum Nam an incredibly well-dressed guy, he has a knack for capturing some of the best outfits out there, and he deserves much more recognition than he receives. His skill lies in snapping photos of dapper dudes that will inspire you to take an extra style risk without venturing into peacocking territory. This Seoul-based photographer knows that fine line between uniquely dressed and just looking strange.

4. Liam Goslett

Liam Goslett

Liam Goslett | Liam Goslett via Instagram

If you’ve never heard of the #menswear movement, here’s a fun fact: Liam Goslett was one of the first figures behind the movement, and becoming the sub-genre’s unofficial photographer. That quickly translated into snapping some the best street style out there. It may sound cliche, but Goslett photographs much more than clothing, he captures moments created by well-dressed men.

5. Youngjun Koo

Youngjun Koo

Youngjun Koo | Youngjun Koo via Instagram

Youngjun Koo is unique in his style because not only does he capture great clothing that people wear at various fashion weeks around the world, but he is also able to convey the energy that various personalities cultivate with each other at these events.