5 of the Best Men’s Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Just as women have their go-to fashion bloggers for style inspiration, so do men. Fortunately, there’s a new crop of blog sensations who tell you not only what’s going on in their closets, but also what’s happening on the streets, who’s wearing what at fashion week, and how you can wear it too. So much outfit inspiration can be found from these bloggers’ street-snapped looks. And there is bound to be a male fashion blogger out there that matches your style taste. Here are a few notable ones to follow.

1. Bryanboy

a man on his computer

A stylish blogger | iStock.com

He may not be your fashion cup of tea, but theFashionSpot has noted Bryan “Bryanboy” Yambao may be the most stylish male blogger of them all. Bryanboy has become a mainstay in the fashion industry. He is invited to the most exclusive fashion shows (in other words, he knows what he’s talking about) and exudes undeniable personal style. If he can teach masculine men anything, it’s to simply embrace your identity and let your look showcase it.

2. He Spoke Style

a stylish man

A stylish man | iStock.com

He Spoke Style’s Brian Sacawa is the reincarnation of the classic gentlemen. Consider him some sort of time traveler from the Mad Men era, but with a modern twist. He Spoke Style is chock-full of not only style bits but grooming and overall gentlemanly presentation tips. He shows just how effective a well-tailored suit can be for your overall presentation. It’s both a lifestyle and a brand for Sacawa.

 3. Scout Sixteen

male red head posing in front of a colored brick wall

Man dressed for success | iStock.com/TreyMo

Scout Sixteen blogger, Justin Livingston, is Mississippi-born and NYC-bred. He not only covers fashion but has created his own lifestyle brand, including everything from travel and music to style on a budget. This creative blogger’s unique fashion voice and perspective show through his outfits inspired by the hipstered streets of Brooklyn. His posts are places of daily discovery. If you’re more of a relaxed-fashion type of guy, you’re going to love Livingston’s style.

4. Oh Anthonio

a man on his tablet

A stylish man on his tablet | iStock.com

Anthony Urbano, a New Jersey native and current New York City resident, is the creative voice behind Oh Anthonio, a personal style blog that will show you a billion and one ways to style the classics. With an interesting background in structural engineering, he adds a certain amount of mathematical certainty to the outfits he pieces together. His style can best be described as NYC perfection and fit, with an air of Italian authenticity. Oh Anthonio incorporates fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, and things he considers fun.

5. The Houndstooth

man looking stylish on the streets

Man looking stylish on the streets | iStock.com

The Houndstooth, a District of Columbia-based street style blog, is the distant cousin to the wildly successful New York City-based blog, The Sartorialist. The blog is photograph-heavy and offers real style inspiration from the streets. Its contributing photographers snap men and women alike but concentrate mostly on male style that is sure to inspire. For more noted fashion blogs, check out Complex’s list. The possibilities are endless.