5 of the Most Stylish Halloween Costumes

Source: Eon Productions

Halloween doesn’t exactly scream sophistication, instead it brings to mind tackiness and gimmicky getups. But that’s just not you, and going as a man-zombie-covered-in-blood is not a viable option — not to mention not in the least bit clever. Instead be creative and do it right: A clever Halloween costume is a way to disappear into another identity for a few hours, so why not be someone you’ve always wanted to be? Let loose and relax. Here are five stylish costume ideas that aren’t tacky and can also score you a few fashion points. You may already have some of the pieces you need lying around in your closet.

1. James Bond

All you need to emulate 007’s look is a tuxedo (or a black suit and a bow tie) to fully transform yourself. If you find that anyone’s confused about who are, simply ask for a martini — shaken, not stirred. Don’t forget to also slick you hair back, and use your finest accent.

2. Blonde on Blonde-era Bob Dylan

What man who loves and respects classic rock (in this case vintage West Village folk) does not only idolize but want to be Bob Dylan. His style is classic and iconic, and ruggedly stylish, especially during this era, even today. Besides the clothes, there are only two props you’re going to need to complete the look: A curly ‘fro-ish wig (unless you can tease your own hair) and an acoustic guitar (borrow one from a friend if you don’t have one). Enjoy being the iconic musician for the night. Wear a Shearling Pea Coat, a Houndstooth knit scarf, a pair of chinos, and Chelsea boots and stomp around like a rolling stone.

3. The President of the United States



This one is going to require the persona to go along with it, and might be a bit of a stretch. Being the President of the United States for one night is the American Dream personified. You can be the current president or any other, but if you want to go as President Obama, the secret to nailing this costume is to wear a blue or grey suit, with a grey, blue, or red tie. To complete this look you need — besides an executive demeanor and Obama’s trademark speech cadence — is an American flag pin. Now, that’s a costume.

4. Danny Zuko (John Travolta) from Grease

This greaser look is so incredibly easy to pull off and can easily be put together with what you already have in your closet. It’s easy to put on black fitted trousers or jeans, and roll up the sleeves of a black (or white) fitted t-shirt, slick your hair back and call it a day. All you need to add on is a black leather biker jacket, a black leather belt, and a fake cigarette shoved behind your ear. This costume idea would be even better if you could convince your friends to wear gray jumpsuits and server as your “Greased Lightening” back up dancers for Halloween night. Also, extra points if you can find your own Sandy Dumbrowski.

5. Inspector Gadget

“Go, go, Gadget!” Which is what the ladies will be telling you when you impress with this costume gem. This is yet another creative idea that you can most probably piece together from what you have in your closet. All you need for this one is a trench coach, a pair of black leather brogues, a fedora, and a suit of your choosing to wear underneath your buttoned up trench coat. Don’t forget the tie and a large classic magnifying glass to clarify (ha) who you’re going as. This could get interesting.

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