5 Pairs of Sweatpants Appropriate for (Almost) Any Occasion

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Forget everything you thought you knew about sweatpants. This infamous item of clothing, which might be known, at its worst, for an almost inappropriate level of sloppiness and grubbiness has just been given a big upgrade.

It’s the dawn of a new age of sweats — ones that should actually see the light of day. This brave new world of pants celebrates maximum comfort while still being completely appropriate in the work world, too.

The key to this corporate coziness is to find sweats that feature a slim, tailored construction that is similar to a traditional trouser except far more comfortable. Darker colored styles will also help your cause, as they will look more formal.

Check out these five polished pairs — one for each work day of the week — that have little in common with those slouchy weekend sweats, except for their level of coziness. They will literally take you from the bedroom to the boardroom — no eyebrows raised and no questions asked.

1. Kit & Ace Jefferson Pant

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Joggers | Source: Kit & Ace

You could say that Kit & Ace’s Jefferson pant is moving on up — right up both the corporate and the style ladder, that is. The tailored pant transcends situations, moving seamlessly from client meetings to weekend leisure. The magic is in the design, with trouser-like detailing, belt loops, and back pockets along with a cool, tonal feature stripe on the leg, all of which mask their sweatpant side. A techy, wrinkle-resistant Kaymace fabric features four-way stretch, ensuring that you have unrestricted movement and day-to-night comfort while the hidden cell phone pocket provides maximum convenience.

2. Publish Legacy Jogger Pant

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Jogger pants | Source: Publish

Not all joggers are created equal, and Publish’s Legacy Jogger Pant is a reminder of that fact. This more formalized take on sweats is designed with belt loops, which give the pants a more tailored vibe. Plus, the stretch twill fabric is waterproof and stain-resistant, so they’re perfect to save for a rainy day, especially if you’re a bicycle commuter. A range of colors including black, tan, burgundy, and mustard is available, but we like this olive tone for a slight deviation from the norm. Wear them with a crisp white button-down — tucked in — and a blazer.

3. BOSS Green ‘Lukes’ Pants

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Men’s joggers | Source: Hugo Boss

You may only know Hugo Boss for its precision-tailored suiting, but the BOSS Green line features modern takes on athleisure that fit the bill for the week and the weekend — like these “Lukes” pants. Sporty yet sophisticated with Hugo Boss’s signature tailored edge, this pair of slim sweats is made of an ultra-soft, stretch cotton blend and features a jogger cuff at the bottom. Wear them with a polished belt and pair of brogues to really fool your co-workers into thinking you’re just as uncomfortable as they are in their standard workday separates.

4. Todd Snyder x Champion Black Cargo Sweatpant

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Sweatpants | Source: Todd Snyder

The result of the union between the meticulously tailored, menswear purveyor Todd Snyder and the iconic, sportswear label, Champion, is a best of both worlds cargo sweatpant. Crafted for a Savile Row-inspired fit, the slim pant features utility pockets that contrast nicely with the trimmer fit of the leg. The traditional cargo design is not only handy, it also helps disguise the sweats side of these pants. They do have an elastic waistband, so you’ll want to cover that up with a sweater or a fitted, untucked button-up shirt for the best, most office-appropriate look.

5. Suitable Tailored Jogger

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Tailored jogger | Source: Suitable

Suitable considers their tailored joggers an integral part of the brand’s “business to brunch” wear, and we couldn’t agree more. Made of a luxe wool cashmere blend, the pants feature a traditionally minimalist trouser top with a slim jogger cuff for a handsomely practical combination. They even feature a subtle jacquard pattern for an added touch of elegance. Wear them with a button-down, a blazer, and lace-ups for the office, and with a sweater and sneakers for Sunday brunch. Is it the weekend yet?

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