5 Pieces of Furniture with Secret Storage Compartments

It’s amazing how quickly our living spaces fill up with stuff. You don’t even remember buying it all, but one day you open your eyes and find yourself surrounded by remote controls, books, magazines, toys, clothes, mail, and trinkets of all kinds. We’ve got possessions coming out our ears. Where should it all go?

If that sounds like your household, we have a solution. The unique pieces of furniture below have hidden compartments to store all of your extra stuff. Not only do they look great, but they also help declutter your house. That’s a win-win.

Industrial Storage Coffee Table

Industrial Storage Coffee Table

Source: West Elm

Coffee tables must have some kind of magnetic force attached to them, because they attract clutter like no other piece of furniture in the house. Before long, you might forget what the top of yours even looks like. That’s not a problem with this coffee table. This one has a hidden compartment where you can stash all that stuff, while keeping it handy for when you need it. Better yet, when you open it up, the lid pulls out to become a tray, perfect for eating a snack at the couch or using your laptop at a comfortable height. Buy this gorgeous mango wood coffee table here.

Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

Trunk Coffee Table

Source: Wayfair

Perhaps you prefer your furniture to be a little more elaborate than the spare style of the table above. In that case, this Latitudes steamer trunk coffee table fits the bill perfectly. It looks fantastic with its dark leather and wooden design. Plus, its steamer trunk shape means it comes with a ton of storage space, divided into two small compartments and one expansive drawer. Grab this beautiful piece here.

Coffee Table with Double Lift-Top

Source: West Elm

Source: Wayfair

If you want to go a little crazy with hidden compartments, this coffee table from Le Mans is the one for you. It has a secret drawer, plus two cleverly concealed compartments you can access from lift-tops that blend into the pattern of the table. As a bonus, the lift-tops extend to become trays that can support plates, laptops, and anything else people seated around the table want to set on them. Overall, it has a beautiful, contemporary design that would look great in most homes. Buy this table here.

Storage Bench

wildon bench

Source: Wayfair

Not all hidden storage compartments have to be tucked away in coffee tables. This button-tufted bedroom bench looks fantastic in any room you want to display it in, and its deep compartment is big enough to hold a heap of items you want to store out of sight. With nailhead trim and a hidden flip-top lid, this storage bench will add to the style of your room while keeping it mess-free. Buy one here.

Wooden Storage Bench

Storage bench

Source: Amazon

If wood is a better fit for your decor, this storage bench made of walnut should do the trick. Like the bench above, it looks great while offering a ton of storage space. The hidden compartment is accessed through a split seat that lets you open one side at a time. The bench features a classic slatted design, with a low back and sides, so you can take a load off while tidying up the room. Buy one here, and add this cushion for extra comfort.

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