5 Spring Outfits That Will Keep You Warm

Spring has sprung in southern states and other warm locales, which means that winter layers are finally put away and spring clothes and warm-weather trends, at last, are on the table. Yet in many other places, stylish guys are still trudging to work and going on errand runs in their winter wardrobes, still trying to stay warm in chilly winds or guarding against capricious weather. But even if you still need clothes that will keep you warm, you don’t have to defer looking — and feeling — like it’s spring until warmer weather actually arrives.

The key to staying warm while trying some of spring’s best looks on for size is, of course, strategic layering. The same strategy, we’d venture to guess, occupies a central place in any man’s game plan for successfully transitioning his wardrobe from winter to spring. The trick, when you want to look like spring but still protect yourself against the last of the winter cold, is to combine the best of spring’s outerwear trends with inner layers that can add some warmth. Try out these great combinations, and you’ll feel like spring is right around the corner.

1. Suede jacket + tee+ sweater

Ralph Lauren suede jacket, t-shirt, and birdseye sweater

A suede jacket, crewneck sweater, and tee will look like spring, but still keep you warm | Source: Ralphlauren.com

The suede jacket is a major trend for spring, especially in 1970s-inspired shades like tan, caramel, and just-plain-brown. Even if the weather hasn’t yet caught up to your spring style obsessions, you can still wear a suede jacket like this luxe Ralph Lauren style by layering the trim light grey tee that you’ll probably default to on warm, spring days with a crewneck sweater, like this super-soft birdseye style, for extra warmth. Though your instinct may be to hide the tee under the sweater completely, you can also opt for a tee with a slightly higher neckline and longer hemline than your sweater, so that it’s visible under the sweater for a more casual, spring-ready look.

2. Denim jacket + warm button front

Denim & Supply denim trucker jacket and RRL military workshirt

Denim jackets aren’t only for warm weather. Pair yours with a midnight button front on the last cold days of winter | Source: Ralphlauren.com

The denim jacket is a classic and adaptable spring piece, one that you’re probably itching to wear as soon as the weather is warm enough. But with some thoughtful layering — and a little bit of luck — you can wear a denim jacket even on a chilly morning. Pair a laid-back jacket like Ralph Lauren’s Denim & Supply trucker jacket with a mid-weight button front shirt for an outfit that looks like spring, but gives you some extra fortification against biting wind or chilly temperatures. We particularly like RRL’s herringbone military shirt, which has the color you want for spring, but will keep you much warmer than the average oxford or chambray shirt. (You can even add a T-shirt or a thermal underneath the button-front if you need some extra protection for a cold day.)

3. Utility jacket + dark sweater

NN07 utility jacket and A.P.C. sweater

Pair a utility jacket with a sweater, instead of a t-shirt, to combat early-spring chills | Source: Mrporter.com

The utility jacket is a spring must-have if you’re a workwear enthusiast. Choose one made of a hard-wearing twill and you’ll have a piece that will last you for years. If you’re going for a tan jacket, like NN07’s workwear-inspired jacket, go for contrast and pair it with some dark layers, like A.P.C.’s black slub cotton-and-cashmere sweater. The sweater, while black, also incorporates grey and white yarn, which results in a heathered look and subtle texture that makes it perfect from some early-spring layering.

4. Double-breasted blazer + scarf

Hardy Amies double-breasted blazer, Begg & Co. scarf, NN07 sweater

A double-breasted blazer, one of spring’s biggest trends, can get you through the last of winter when paired with a light sweater and scarf | Source: Mrporter.com

The double-breasted blazer is going to be everywhere for spring, but the blazers that are light, both in shade and weight, present a bit of a styling quandary in climates that are still cold. While you might think first to pair a camel-colored blazer, like this Mr. Porter exclusive from Hardy Amies, with a navy blue sweater or the like underneath, there’s another strategy you should try: go for lighter shades with a grey tee or sweater beneath the blazer and a light-colored scarf above. We’d opt for a tan scarf like Begg & Co.’s cashmere and linen scarf, and a casual but trim merino wool sweater like this style from NN07.

5. Field jacket + shawl collar cardigan

Rag & Bone field jacket and Michael Kors shawl-collar cardigan

Make a field jacket cold-weather-friendly by adding a warm shawl-collar cardigan underneath | Source: Mrporter.com

New versions of the M-65 field jacket are a perennial favorite for spring, but as many men have realized by now, a cotton jacket won’t go that far to keep you warm when the temperatures are still more winter than spring. But a tried and true layering strategy is to add a warm shawl-collar cardigan beneath. Pair an army-green field jacket, like Rag & Bone’s cotton-canvas field jacket, with a sweater like this grey shawl-collar cardigan from Michael Kors. The combination will look spring, while still keeping you warm through winter’s final cold fronts.

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