5 Strange Grooming Products Every Guy Should Try

Looking for new grooming products? Try these suggestions

Looking for new grooming products? Try these suggestions | Source: iStock

If you’re like every stylish gent who’s up-to-speed on his grooming routine, you probably know about all the hottest grooming products out on the market designed to make your mug look its absolute best. We bet, though, that you’ve never heard of the following 5 grooming products that are both weird and utterly cool at the same time. These products actually serve a very functional grooming purpose that you’ve probably never thought about before.

1. Goatee Shaver

Goatee shaver

Goatee shaver | Source: GoateeSaver

The first on the weird products list is a goatee shaver. Let’s face it: Shaving your beard into a perfect goatee can seem like a harrowing task, afraid it’s going to look uneven on either side, leading you to shave your whole face and start over.

This Goatee Shaver (GoateeSaver as the product is called) is something of a brilliant contraption, which is an adjustable template designed to shape and form your goatee.

The product claims you’ll save time and get that precisely shaped goatee you’ve always wanted, completely eliminating any shaving mishaps. Simply bite down on the template and shave around it — it’s definitely worth a try, especially because it’s fully refundable if you’re not happy with the results. Granted you’ll look like Darth Vader for a few, but that just makes this product even cooler.

2. Fullmore Hair Thickening Texturizing Spray 

Hair thickening texturizer spray

Hair thickening texturizer spray | Source: Toppik

Fullmore is a colored texturizing spray that is supposed to thicken the appearance of thinning hair on contact. It contains a blend of colored fibers that are statically charged and made of pure keratin protein (the same material your hair is made of ) that bonds to your existing hair by means of the static electricity that forms a magnetic attraction, drawing the fibers to your thinning hair, eliminating the look of hair loss.

The product promises to make your hair look thicker and fuller again. (just one spray promise) If Donald Trump has taught us anything , it’s that masking hair loss can lead to a disastrous, fake look.



3. Man-scara


Mascara | Source: Kenmen


Let’s just say this outright: This euphamistcially named lash-brow conditioner, which promises to amp up lashes is absolutely a mascara for men. Though the product might sound a little strange at first, there is nothing wrong if you want to thicken (but not overdo) your upper and lower lashes, and also fill in any sparse eyebrow or beard hair.

Apply sparingly and don’t pump the brush in the tube as air can cause it to dry quicker and you don’t want that. There are several colors to choose from to match your hair color to.


4. The Men Pen

The Men Pen

The Men Pen | Source: The Men Pen

For women it’s easy: If they wake up with a monster zit on their face they can cover it up with makeup and still go about their day with their face free-and-clear so to speak.

The Men Pen can definitely be considered a men’s gateway into the world of makeup, a guy’s first foray into beauty products — why should you have to walk around with a less than stellar face? Choose your skin tone, dab it on the spots you want to cover up (make sure it’s blended in) and go.










5. Back hair remover

The Mangroomer

The Mangroomer | Source: Amazon

The Mangroomer is something of a genius contraption that looks nothing like a shaver, but is able to reach the most difficult of places on your back or if you shave unconventionally elsewhere.

It’s touted as a professional do-it-yourself back saver with a fully extendable and adjustable handle to get your hair at all the right angles and the harder to reach middle and lower parts of your back. How can you not want this strange but wonderful product in your grooming arsenal?





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