Justin Bieber: 5 Style Lessons We Can Learn

Justin Bieber has millions of screaming fans, has had numerous high-profile romances, and over the years, has created a unique style for himself. In some strange way, he’s cemented himself as a style icon and has, sartorially speaking, wondrously transformed himself from a purple hoodie-wearing kid to a swagged-out streetwear maestro, who wears high-fashion style items such as Balmain jackets and exciting stylish prints. In fact, his style evolution scored him a spot in the iconic Calvin Klein underwear campaign. Here are five style lessons of Bieber’s everyone should follow.

1. Add swagger to your clothes

Justin Bieber

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Variety

We’re all about confidence, and so is the Biebs. He makes it OK to wear almost anything, as long as you add some swagger to it. Bieber likes to ham it up with a bevy of famous rappers, which has not only had an effect on his diction, but has solidified his on-point streetwear style, says High Snobiety. Bieber is frequently spotted wearing gold chains and watches, MC Hammer/harem style drop crotch joggers, oversized white T-shirts, and denim vests, emulating his own personal style icon, Kanye. Many of his outfits today are variations of this style, as well as Kanye’s. He teaches us that whatever style you’re rocking, do so with as much swagger as possible.

2. You can never have too many jackets

Justin Bieber

Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images

Bieber knows how much a jacket can make or break your outfit and is rarely seen without a show stopper — from leather ones in a variety of colors and textures to bomber and military style jackets. In short, any jacket you think of, Biebs most probably has worn it. Try a standout jacket of your own with a muted outfit, and don’t forget to add your own swagger to it.

3. Wearing a suit doesn’t have to be boring

Wearing a suit, even if it’s tailored to perfection or if the color is on point, can sometimes seem boring — there’s only so many types of suits to wear. D’Marge points that Biebs wears the traditional tailored suit, but always makes a point to swag it out Bieber-style. At the Met Gala this past year, which had a China-theme to it, he wore a dinner jacket in black wool with a contrast satin lapel, and here’s the kicker — it had fire breathing dragons embroidered in bronzed gold, following the style of eastern mysticism. Adding to that, Biebs wore a weave cummerbund in black with fitted black trousers (similar to a denim-type fit) narrow at the ankle, finishing off the look with suede Chelsea boots.

D’Marge also adds that other times, Bieber takes a commonly tailored look, like the double breasted suit, and adds a touch of rocker style to it in the form of a sleeve roll. A sleeve roll is one of the easiest ways to relax the style of your suit, but make sure to keep the finer details of the suit nice and neat so you never come off as sloppy, despite going all Bieber on it and breaking the style code. Biebs us shows that messing with the style rules can be fun and fashionable.

4. Sneakers go with almost everything

Justin Bieber, shoes

D Dipasupil/Getty Images

Biebs and his sneakers: What else can we say except that they’re the most important and standout part of his style?Bieber was on the cover of Complex’s October/November issue touting his sneaker game. As we’re in the midst of the athleisure trend, which has no signs of diminishing anytime soon, this sneaker head has been seen with a pair of Yeezy Boots from Mr. West himself, as well as an impressive collection that he shared with Complex: Saint Laurent Skate Lace-Up and Signature Court Classic homages to the Vans Authentic and Jordan 1, some dope Margielas, “Pirate Black” Yeezy Boost 350s, and a variety of Vans — and that was only a small portion of his collection. He’s paired his favorites with everything from casual outfits to laid back formal attire and expertly matches his sneaker color to his overall outfit color, allowing them to stand alone as a bold standout. He teaches us that a nice, refined, albeit outrageous sneaker can be worked into almost any type of outfit. Lest not forget the swag.

5. Your style gets better as you get older

Considering the style icon in question is 21 years old, something must be said in regards to this: As you get older, your style evolves and typically gets better. You learn about what looks good on your body, which helps you to solidify your own personal style, which is exactly what Biebs has done.

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