You Need to Look for These Things in a Custom Tailor

It’s hard to find clothes that fit properly. Having a suit or a nice pair of slacks tailored specifically to your body type can really change your entire look. Keeping a custom tailor on hand for the occasions when you are seeking a wow factor is a good idea. However, not all custom tailors are the same or might meet your needs. Below are a few suggested qualifications to keep in mind when seeking a custom tailor.

1. Experience

A tailor looking at a client

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Sure, we all have to start somewhere, but ideally you want to look for a tailor that has had a number of years in the industry. Dealing with different fabric swatches, design examples and projects big or small. Many tailors label themselves as custom tailors when in actuality they are selling Chinese Made to Measure clothing with little to no experience in fitting or measuring. Once you have found a potential tailor, start small by selecting a less expensive garment for tailoring like a sports jacket. This will allow you to get a good idea of how they work before offering bigger projects like a three-piece suit.

2. Reputation

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It sounds a bit stuck up but a customer’s testimonial holds a lot of weight. A good tailor will have a long standing reputation and quality of craftsmanship. Creating a handmade custom suit requires a lot of skill, if your tailor possesses this talent, customers most certainly will be talking about their work. Ask to see recently finished garments on display so that you can visualize what your finished product may look like.

3. Reviews

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Reviews will tell you everything you need to know. |

A talented tailor will have a number of positive reviews highlighting their work. When narrowing down your selections, look for reviews on the internet or local publications. Sites like Yelp will often have customers sharing their honest point of view. Another option is visiting the shop in person and speaking to customers as they come in and out of the shop. This will give you good idea of how the tailor is received by their clientele.

4. Client relationships

Actor and writer Anthony Peck (R) and Tailor Stephen Lachter

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Finding a talented custom tailor is one thing, but how they relate to their customers is an entirely different area. Having a garment specifically made for you requires someone to be able to see your vision and not impose too much of their own personal taste when creating the garment. They should be able to help you craft your personal style and only offer suggestions when it’s professionally needed.

5. Quality

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If a tailor sources materials that are of lesser quality, you can guarantee your garments will come out the same way. Having a candid discussion with the tailor to discover where the pieces are made is very important. Don’t assume that the quality of the piece is going to be top notch just because it is custom. Stick to locally made garments or items made in the U.S.